Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Giving Back


We believe that cosmetic surgery and elective procedures should enhance patients quality of life. However this is not always the case in a profit driven industry. We strive to promote safer and more informed patient decisions. Trusted Surgeons is the leading educational Platform for patients.


We are committed to providing a professional and ethically responsible service that complies with regulatory advertising standards and guidelines. We are advocates for patients, promoting informed decisions. Trusted Surgeons are the leading body helping patients without options, who require secondary surgery. We assess and improve our systems, processes and people on an ongoing basis to enhance awareness and education.


QUALITY Consistent relevant content and strategy
TRANSPARENCY qualifications, clear communication, full disclosure, non-bias
EXPERIENCE Surgeons and review committee


Bold and Forthright

We are confident and proud of the high standard Trusted Surgeons provide to the community at large. We are not driven by promoting better patients outcomes for everyone. We know who we are, we have learnt from mistakes, we believe in open disclosure and do things with integrity. All our communications, both verbal and written are confident, transparent and forthright.

Positive and Open-minded

We genuinely enjoy giving people a confidence boost and seeing them happy and comfortable in their own skin. This does not always require surgery. We believe safety always comes first and do not entice or promote having surgery. We understand everyone is different and so are their surgical and aesthetic needs and desires. We respect individuality and do not judge. When engaging with patients, our community, our internal and external providers our language is positive, respectful and encouraging.

Empathetic and Understanding

We appreciate that embarking on a surgical/cosmetic journey can be a daunting one and can take a lot of courage to undergo an elective procedure. We are calm, reassuring and informative in all our communications ensuring patients are equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decisions. We help those who are left unhappy and with undesirable results.

Passion for excellence

We have a passion for providing exceptional standards within the industry. Thoroughness and consistency is key. We are not ‘sales’ focussed. We promote quality of life within our scope, ensuring that patient health and safety is always our surgeons primary focus. Our platform educates consumers. Our surgeons ensure aesthetic desires and expectations are measured and achievable.


We are patient focused.

Trusted Surgeons strive for; excellence, exceptional customer service and giving back.
- Our Gold & Platinum Surgeons pay a subscription fee to allow us educate and promote
- We promote our subscribed members ethics across various platforms
- This allows us to give back and spend time with people who need revision surgery
- We shine a spotlight on the industry's darkside and the risks associated with surgery