2018 Venus Inaugural Master Class

2018 Venus Inaugural Master Class

On today’s agenda, is a visit to the city to partake in Venus Concepts Clinical Masterclass. Venus Concept have set up a new Academy that promotes 2 days of clinical training, to enhance continuous education. This is a great concept to improve the knowledge and skills of clinicians and keep them up to date with the latest trends and techniques. And who better to deliver this education but the radiant Vera Koslova-Fu. Both Nicole and I have encountered Vera in the past and her knowledge is amazing but it’s her bubbly positive demeanour that excites us.

Turning up at The Langham on Kent Street is always a pleasure. You always know you are at the right place when you come across the all pink, old school London Hackney Carriage. So cool. I am always in awe when entering The Langham, the attention to detail is impeccable. There are always beautiful flowers and well-placed furniture, as well as the beautiful light fixtures. We missed the lolly bar we have seen before, opposite the reception desk. On asking, we were told that it only makes appearances on the weekend (so we just missed it). We were not there to eat lollies today, so it wasn’t the end of the world. I could see in the distance the large Venus Academy signs and the Venus Concept team, so I knew I was on the right track.

Nicole and I, picked up our passes and name badges and headed into the designated ballroom. The room was already bustling with clinicians eager to learn. It was great to see so many people willing to give up their time to increase their knowledge and skills that ultimately benefit the end user, the clients. I would much rather book an appointment with someone that is continually improving and updating their skills, than someone that just does things the way they have always done it. The room was nicely set out, with chairs and tables for the textbook learning portion of the day and treatment tables and various devices for the hands-on learning, designated for later in the day. We took our seats and each spot was beautifully laid out with The Langham branded pens, paper, water, and a little tin of mints. We were all set, let the learning begin.

Gidon Silverman, National Sales Manager, commenced the proceedings by welcoming all the attendees and giving a brief overview of the company. Venus Concept has developed a unique business model that doesn’t concentrate on the sell and then move on. They want to build a partnership with customers and support them, long after a sale has been made. Venus use an interesting subscription model which 70 – 80% of their clients use. This model is great for cash flow. Basically, they finance the sale after a deposit, with 36 monthly payments, interest free. Yes, interest free. That means the clinic can be generating an income whilst paying off the device. Most of the devices also come with a 3-year warranty period, giving clinics peace of mind. More you say? Well, Venus also have an upgrade program. So, if you want to upgrade to the newest technology or change to a different device, there is a simple pathway to do this.

Because it’s all about a partnership, Venus also provide marketing support. They want to see the that you get value for money when you purchase one of their devices. How are people going to know that you have a new service? Social media marketing, of course! You are provided with a customised marketing kit and banners for the clinic as well as an online resource to help your marketing endeavours. There are many platforms that can be used for social media marketing but Nicole, founder of Trusted Digital Media, says the main 2 platforms for Business to Consumer (B to C) marketing are Facebook and Instagram. Nicole says between the 2 of these you will cover the vast majority of clients.

The main reason we were here today was to partake in the clinical education program. The final piece of the Venus puzzle, partnering with their clients. Venus are big on making sure their clients are well trained on their devices and receive ongoing education. This was the inaugural event that will occur yearly to further develop the skills of the clinicians (over and above the standard on site training provided when a device is bought). The day was well structured, taking people back to the basics of the skin. This is important to providing treatments relevant to the individual client as everyone’s skin is different. We looked at the basics of wrinkles and scars and types of treatments for each of these. Once the basics were out of the way, the exciting part began. Discussion around different treatments for specific problems and what type of technology is the best fit. There are so many different modalities available and they all work on the skin in different ways. The technologies covered were, light-based technologies, pulsing technology, radio frequency (covering mono-polar, bi-polar, and multi-polar), pulsed electro magnet fields, and fractional ablation. So much information was covered, and much discussion was had from the crowd.

During the break, I was able to grab Kasey Willoughby – Marketing Manager, to try and get an understanding of thought process behind setting up the Venus Academy. She said that much thought had gone into setting up the Venus Academy and the driving force was trying to develop ways of supporting clients after a sale has been made. “We wanted to invest in our client’s education. If we provide great support for the clinicians, then our devices get used effectively and their clients achieve the best possible results. It’s a win-win for everyone”, said Kasey. I love this refreshing approach, industry working together for better outcomes for the public.

So, what is the takeaway from this for the consumer? If you are in a clinic that has a Venus Concept device, you can feel assured that the clinician is well trained and has a commitment to ongoing training. Ultimately leading to better outcomes from your treatments. If you want to know more about the Venus Concept range, you can email Kasey on or visit