36 Questions to take to your BA Consultation

36 Questions to take to your BA Consultation

Background Questions:

  1. Are you certified (in the country you are in not where the surgeon is from)?
  2. Do you have before and after photos I can look at for the

procedure, and are they your patients, do you have progress pictures

of these patients?

  1. Will you be at my post-op visits, or does someone else handle them?
  2. About how many breast augmentations do you perform every month?
  3. What is the most common complication you see in your patients?
  • What percentage of your patients experience complications?
  • What is your re-operation rate?
  • What is the most common re-operation?

My Breast Implants:

  1. What brand and kind of implants do you recommend for me?
  2. Which placement (under or over muscle) do you recommend for me and why?
  3. Will I need a breast lift to achieve the result I’m looking for?
  4. Which incision do you think is best for me, and what are possible risks?
  5. How many cc’s do you suggest I get in order to reach the size I want?
  6. Do the breast implants you recommend for me come with a warranty? Will I need to purchase an extended warranty?
  7. If I need a revision surgery, what is your office policy regarding cost?
  8. Barring complication, how long can I expect my breast implants to last?
  9. Optional: If I have children, how will pregnancy and breastfeeding affect my implants and size? Will I be able to breastfeed after this surgery?
  10. Will the size I want cause my breasts to sag or other issues to arise in the future?

Surgery related questions:

  1. Do you perform breast augmentations in a hospital or office surgical suite?
  2. What kind of anaesthesia do you use, general or twilight?
  3. Do you work with a board-certified anaesthesiologist or a nurse anaesthetist?
  4. Do you prescribe anti-nausea pills or medications on the day of surgery?
  5. Which medications and supplements should I stop taking before surgery, and how far ahead should I stop taking them? When can I start taking them again?
  6. Are there any medications or supplements you want me to take in preparation for surgery?
  7. Will I need any testing done (including mammograms) before my surgery?
  8. Do I need to stop smoking?

Post op related questions:

  1. Does your office supply detailed post-op recovery instructions? When and how will I receive them?
  2. If I have a pressing question or emergency off-hours, how do I contact you?
  3. Can I email you any follow-up questions?
  4. Will I have dissolvable stitches, or will I need to have stitches taken out?
  5. How long should I plan to take off from work and/or personal responsibilities?
  6. How long will I have to wait to shower or bathe after my surgery?
  7. Optional: I have a baby, young child or small pet who weighs about ( ____ ) When will I be cleared to lift that much weight?
  8. When will I be able to drive again?
  9. When can I work out/be physically active? (Also: Don’t be shy to ask about sex!)
  10. When will I be given my breast implant 'Serial Number ID Card'?
  11. Do I need to purchase special bras or anything else for my post-op healing OR do you provide them?