Annual ASAPS Conference

Annual ASAPS Conference

Early in October, our very own Trusted Surgeons Director, Nicole Montgomery, attended the 39th Annual ASAPS Conference. What is undoubtedly known as a highlight in the Australasian Pacific Surgery calendar, the conference this year was held in the sunny Sunshine Coast and aimed at delivery high quality information to connect clinic owners in the beauty industry.

The conference proved to be an extremely invaluable experience, with several international guest speakers taking the stage to share their knowledge and experience focusing on the areas of breast, body and facial rejuvenation. The vast list of speakers included Michael Yaremchuk from Boston who was able to give his expertise in restoring facial skeletal contours using facial implants. William J Binder, the man behind custom made 3D facial implants and the globally respected Bryan Mendelson who spoke of his experience with using Hydroxy Appetite in augmentation and rejuvenation.

A highlight of the event was most definitely being able to hear about the contributions made by locals who are already part of the ASAPS membership base. It was extremely entertaining and informative to hear from those who have directly contributed to the research and findings that we are all familiar to today. Other events included: a Welcome Session at SeaWorld, a fantastically fun Beach Soiree, a President’s lunch and Kid’s Masterchef.

The experience was greatly enhanced by the practise management sessions, which were specifically tailored and designed to aid different staffing teams, making for very information and interactive sessions. Being held in the beautiful Marriot resort, our team were able to be able to develop skills in areas such as patient management, marketing, practice management and customer satisfaction.

And we couldn’t be prouder of our Director, Nicole’s, nomination for the My Face My Beauty awards, which focuses on celebrating innovation and success within the ever-evolving beauty industry. We look forward to the result of the competition and wish her the best of luck!

Watch the video below which wraps up the 2016 conference.