AO Skincare - the new kid on the block!

AO Skincare - the new kid on the block!

AO skincare range

Trusted Surgeons had the pleasure of attending the launch of a new skin care range ‘AO’ at the Stillery within the prestigious Intercontinental, Double Bay. I was dressed to impress and keen to sample some of the best gins in the world (the bar stocks over 120 different types). I was impressed to see so many people from within and around the industry. I was fashionably late, of course, and the party was in full swing. After signing in, I walked into a room full of smiling faces, including the tribe from Cryomed, who were introducing the AO product range to Australia. As I looked around the room there were several bloggers and influencers but there was one lady that looked so familiar and I couldn’t work out why. As I networked with the crowd, I kept darting glances across the room. Eventually, I went and introduced myself to find out it was Amber Renae. It finally dawned on me, I follow her social pages. I’ve never met Amber but felt I already knew her, such is the power of social media. I managed to grab a photo with Amber on the photo wall as if we were at a red-carpet event. So exciting.

Just off to the side of the photo wall was a product stand, beautifully lit up. I was intrigued by the 6 tubes lined up (literally numbered 1-6). Each number corresponded to a product and simplified the process in terms of when to use them. Numbers 1-4 were part of your day routine and numbers 5 and 6 were for the night routine (in conjunction with 1 and 2). I snuck in a try of the #2 Fortify day and loved the look and feel. The aroma was fantastic and is something I could see myself every day. I was willing to try anything to stave off getting a face lift.

AO skincare event

You may be thinking, ‘not another skin care range’, certainly I was thinking I have seen my fair share of product. But the AO skincare range is different. None of their products are heated during the emulsification process like traditional skincare. Rather, ingredients are formulated using a cold process to preserve the full potency of active ingredients. The range was developed by Dr Mark Gray, a specialist’s clinical dermatologist. Dr Gray used his extensive knowledge of the skin and having worked with patients from all walks of life. He wanted to create something as close to nature as possible, whilst giving your skin the treatment it deserves. This gave birth to the AO skincare cosmeutical range, which uses New Zealand native botanicals and artesian water sourced from beneath the ancient Kauri forests.

Dr Gray attended the evening and spoke to the crowd about the product. His passion for what he does certainly came across. The range is designed to help tighten, firm, and lift the skin whilst reversing the effects of aging. He also shared some statistics and 92% of people surveyed found they had improvement in their skin in just 4 weeks. I also loved that there are no nasties used in the making of the products, which is a move away from the traditional model. Its so refreshing when people think creatively and come up with natural products that can deliver on what they are designed to do.

I have started using the range and can keep you updated on the progress. I know you need to love the skin you’re in but there’s nothing like a little help to keep your skin glowing, and keep you feeling confident. You can visit AO Skincare or send us an email.

If you are keen for Trusted Surgeons to try your product or would like to know more about this range in your clinic, drop us an email at .

Nicole Montgomery