ASCD Kicks off in Style

ASCD Kicks off in Style

The Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists has kicked off and nothing short of educational, informative, and thought provoking.

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The line-up of guest speakers included dermatologists, plastic surgeons, gynaecologists and even a pharmacist. In the opulent Crown Casino this is a stylish event with all the finishing touches.

ASCD Symposium Melbourne 2017

What we love about conferences like these, they are all about sharing information and ongoing improvement and development. You won’t find any egos, competitions or know it all’s.

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Everyone including us want to keep on top of the new or evolving technologies and techniques. On top of all the sharing of valuable insight is the networking.

To add top off an incredibly successful event, production house has epitomized attention to detail. Everyone had a chance to catch up with colleagues and visit many of the trade stands on show. The sold-out event has not fallen short to deliver for all attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

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Two rooms are running simultaneously, many attendees, found it hard to choose. The talks were in-depth and covered a broad range of topics. Key messages to take away from the photography session was buy a camera that can shoot in RAW format and to take photos in RAW format. This gives you the greatest ability to control the image and to get the most out of your images.

The talk on Vaginal rejuvenation by Gynaecologist Dr Rod Allen, was very interesting. It is generally not discussed freely amongst women or men. According to Dr Allen ‘Every woman that is menopausal suffers from atrophy with 50% of those, profoundly affected’. This is due to a lack of oestrogen.

There are many different machines on the market that can perform this procedure but the consensus was that a fractional CO2 laser utilising a single pass is the safest, quickest, and most effective. Something I found interesting and would be of huge benefit to many, if one could feel comfortable enough to have a laser inserted into their vagina. I cannot personally empathise but I imagine the procedure would feel quite invasive. If the anxiety and uncomfortableness could be overcome, this would certainly improve quality of life for these women.

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We especially loved seeing the Venus crew, after having the Venus Legacy and Venus Viva treatments done recently. The Trusted Surgeons team are proof the treatments are second to none and we love our results. We are addicted now, so beware you’ll fall in love.

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The highlight of the day for Trusted Surgeons was the ‘The great short trade debates’ for energy based devices. This gave each company competing an opportunity to spend 4-5 min explaining to the delegates why their machine is best. This was a brutal session that was like being in a gladiator ring. Loved it! Talks were fast paced and kept to time with no exceptions. Nearly everyone’s machine was the gold standard but the consensus was, regardless of what machine is chosen, make sure it is TGA approved and meets current standards.

Production house has certainly put on another great event, no surprise here. The ASCD Symposium is certainly delivering on facilitating education and raising standards. I am especially looking forward to the gala dinner. Stay tuned as this is only day one!