Do you Love or Regret your Boob job?

Do you Love or Regret your Boob job?

I interviewed a group of 22 women on how they felt after their breast augmentation surgery, the results are listed below, enjoy the read.

1: Loving my boob job. Was something I had always hoped for as I never really developed and was asymmetrical. After my BA I have found myself to be much more confident, outgoing, bubbly and all around happier. Wouldn't change my decision for anything!

2: Personally I regret my boob job 110%. All I ever wanted was to be confident in my own skin, as I've always hated my body and had no self esteem, I honestly thought I'd get better self esteem from having breast implants.
Unfortunately for me my breast augmentation has had the complete opposite effect on me, not only physically but emotionally. I feel worse about my body now more than ever!

3: I love mine, I've honestly never been able to fill out shirts and always felt so awkward and uncomfortable it definitely was a boost in confidence for me.

4: I regret my surgery due to it being botched, although if they were done right I think I would love them. My issues one bottomed out, one is extremely high and I have symmastia so my breasts are complete mess!

5: Love!!!! It's nice to know I can apply at Hooters now if I ever wanted to, instead of signing up for the boys baseball team haha

6: I LOVE my boob job - it has given me so much more confidence in myself and funnily enough my relationship with hubby has also gained from it too. I think because I saw a completely different side to him when I was recovering and how amazingly loving he can be! I think I took him for granted for so long and now I can see just how much he does love me.

7: Love my boob job has given me so much confidence that was lacking for so many years. Only regret not doing it sooner. They make feel sexy, and so feminine.

8: Definitely love it. I sort of wish I went bigger, but it's really not that big of a deal. It's just really great to actually fill out clothes/swimwear, etc. I feel more feminine and sexy. It's well worth the money to finally feel this way.

9: It took me about six months to finally love them; for them to really feel like a part of my body. Now, at 11 months post op, I feel great! I love the way I look, I have so much new found confidence, it just changes the way I see myself, and there's a noticeable difference in my new confident attitude. I've never felt better! So glad I did it!

10: I love having my breasts the same size, growing up having two completely different sized breasts for 10 years, having my surgery was one of the best things in my life except my children of course. Going from 4-5 cup size difference to now the same sized breasts is so overwhelming and amazing, I do regret not doing my research correctly with both of my surgery's. I feel if I had of done my research correctly I would have only needed one surgery.

11: Love! They look so much better than they were before. I was slightly tuberous before and now they look more normal breasts. I actually like looking at them naked now V's trying to hide them in a padded push up bra.

12: I luv them and my self esteem has improved, my sex drive has increased as has my confidence. I can honestly look at myself and feel like a woman . I am comfortable in my skin and I can actually be in a bra and not feel insecure. I feel like a woman . I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed around my nieces who were developing and bigger than I was. I feel like I can wear what I want and not feel like a little kid. This is the best decision I ever made for myself regardless what anyone thinks. I finally love myself.

13: Not regret, but not happy, my PS did perfect boob job, but for 5.4/200lbs, wide shoulders and broad chest 550cc looks small !!

14: There's a fine line between love and hate. Why? Because I was completely flat. I'm currently a 32ddd and I love them but there are times where I wish I was smaller, maybe because of my job? I'm a teacher or church, gatherings where you know it's not a appreciation look but a judging look. I don't know, I just guess it depends but overall I'm super happy just those times or if I want certain clothes and I look like a cow because of them. But that's just me lol

15: I regret my breast augmentation 100%. My surgeon was a cosmetic surgeon. He said my case was a clean cut case. Yet I have so many problems that for the rest of my life I will have to deal with. He has permanently damaged the nerves and muscles in my right side and the left side he cut the pocket wrong so when u lay down my implant slips to the side. I asked for FAKE Jessica Rabbit boobs and got the boobs of someone double my age. I never needed a lift I just wanted more volume and now nothing will fix my boobs. I'm so scared I'm now pregnant and worry the damage will get worse and I won't be able to hold my child. I wish people would stop going to glorified GP's and the laws would change so they aren't able to do this to anyone else.

16: I Wish I kept my excitement to myself not told family--- it been a NIGHTMARE of jealousy and hatred.

17: The best thing I could have ever done for myself. It gave me confidence that I didn't even know I was lacking

18: Journey to loving myself naturally. After getting implants and then them out again I appreciate how beautiful natural breast look and feel.

19: I've found that I've been completely rejected and criticized by the body positivity community. The irony is that I tried to be happy with how I was and with what I had. It al felt like a farce. This has been the best thing I've ever done. Despite the haters, I finally can say I love what I see in the mirror. How is that not considers body positive?

20: Mine-- life changing, one of the best things ever happen to me except my children of course but to become normal and feel like a girl, to feel like how girls are meant to look feels amazing.

21: All women deserve confidence whether its hair, nails, breast implants etc. We deserve to feel great in our own bodies and I know getting breast implants has made me feel great about myself...and at the end of the day that's what counts!

22: The most amazing thing about having an augmentation and lift after kids (apart from having actual boobs now) is my confidence level has increased phenomenally. I feel more at ease stripping off in front of my husband whereas before I would hide away. I can actually stand to look at myself in the mirror and instead of being negative I admire and approve of myself. I still dress exactly the same in public but in private, on my own I've never felt more sexy and confident.

It is fair to say that not everyone is happy with their outcome, but the majority of women are really happy and say that their surgery changed their lives. Over the years the majority of women I have spoken to have been happy with their surgical choices. Do you have breast implants? Do you love or hate yours? Interested in being interviewed, send us an email!

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By Lynne