Don't Trust Your Body to Just Anyone!

Don't Trust Your Body to Just Anyone!

Plastic surgery can greatly enhance your looks, or in some unfortunate instances, make you look unintentionally disfigured. We've all seen examples of this. Poor plastic surgery results seem like they are victims of accidents. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube feature celebrity victims of bungled plastic surgery. Those videos make me cringe of course. No one seeks that kind of results, and I am here to help you avoid them.

Over zealous patient ambitions often seem to be the driving motivation behind some poor results. It's the old "if a little is good, a lot must be better" mentality. This is rarely true for anything; it certainly is false when it comes to the quality plastic surgery and tests the limits within the bounds of reality.

Other poor results clearly lie at the feet (or hands) of less-then-stellar surgical techniques. Quality plastic surgery requires patience, skill, and precision. Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed such quality if you select a surgeon merely by playing darts with the phone book. You must carefully investigate the caliber of the surgeon before you agree to go under his or her knife.If you are planning to have some plastic surgery, you need to be very picky about who you let control the knife. Many doctors around the country are excellent, but unfortunately, some are not, and the results can be disastrous. The best overall tip is to make sure you don't rush into anything. Take some time to look around. Find a high-quality doctor you like and trust.

A trusted plastic surgeon will have primary four traits:

  1. The technical skill to deftly perform the procedure
  2. The artistic vision to craft an engaging image
  3. The compassion to guide you through what can be an emotionally-charged event
  4. The wisdom to honestly guide you into healthy options

For the absolute best results, it is best to have a doctor who embodies all the traits mentioned. Altering your body surgically is a big step, and I firmly believe that it is best approached from these various dimensions. How do you find such a top-notch doctor?
Fortunately, there are agencies with procedures that document certification fulfillment and legal complaints. Your first step is to check with these sources. Beyond that, meet with the doctor and trust your instincts on whether he or she embodies the compassion and comforting bedside manner you deserve.Make sure the doctor is certified by either the American Board of Medical Specialties, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or both. This ensures they have the proper training.You might think ALL practitioners are board certified, and they should be but unfortunately some are not. Cosmetic surgery, in particular, is notorious for instances of non-qualified practitioners setting up shop and performing medical treatments they are not adequately trained to do. This can be dangerous. Do not assume a specialist is certified. Ask and verify.
Ask friends and family for recommendations. Reputation within the community is important. Ask about the doctor's bedside manner as well as his technical skills.

Examine the Doctor's Actual Work: Being skilled at liposuction does not necessarily mean a doctor is also skilled at breast augmentation. Ask for earlier, and after photos of previous patients for the exact procedure you are considering. The photos should have an excellent composition, be clear and show an easily comparable image.

Testimonials - Happy patients are a doctor's best calling card. Most doctors I know (the organized ones at any rate) will have a list of names available for the asking. Confidentially is always an issue, but ecstatic patients are often willing to sing praises from the rooftop. They gladly go public. Do not let a doctor fool you into thinking that NONE of his patients are brave enough to speak publicly. If a doctor cannot provide a group of patients satisfied sufficiently to recommend him or her in public, then that is a bad sign.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is critical. On top of that, you need to have realistic expectations. In my opinion, a great doctor is one who will tell an overeager patient no, even if that means losing business.

Now, all this might sound like a lot of work, but in the long run, your satisfaction depends on making sure you choose a qualified practitioner.

Remember, this is a big step you are taking, and you deserve to have the best.

Guest Post by Dr. Batra

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