Dr Jack Zoumaras

Dr Jack Zoumaras

When I go to the doctor I feel overwhelming anxiety, sweaty palms and silently repeat the mantra ‘don’t sound like an idiot’. I have no idea the basis of this psychological issue, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Meeting Dr Jack Zoumaras, was an absolute pleasure, he is obviously a very knowledgeable and skilled professional. Dr Jack Zoumaras has a very personable demeanour where my “don’t sound like an idiot mantra’ was not required. He understands the intimidation factor surgeons exude generally. He addresses it immediately by, talking casually covering a range of relatable topics. Dr Jack Zoumaras has a unique skill not to make you feel like an idiot, even encouraging those questions that you want to ask, but you think you will be judged.

Dr Jack Zoumaras is much more then suits and scrubs.

He is one of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons, an expert in his field and an all-round nice guy. Dr Jack Zoumaras eats steak, watches footy and spends time with his family. He is a loyal Adelaide Crows and Liverpool supporter, but like most he follows many sports. Dr Jack Zoumaras and his wife have traded dinners out for early morning wake ups by their young son and adventures to the park.

Artiste is Dr Jack Zoumaras Sydney based practice, with the philosophy of the ‘art of enhancing beauty’. According to Dr Jack Zoumaras “Plastic Surgery doesn’t have to be obvious or taboo, it might be something for only you to notice”. Artiste patients are individuals with different needs and approaches. Dr Jack Zoumaras appreciates that effective treatment can change people’s lives. The treatment itself may be unnoticed, yet the treatment is the catalyst to enhance the patients confidence, generating a positive outlook on the world, this attitude shift is life changing.

Dr Jack Zoumaras is challenging stereotypes;

Surgeons are friendly and personable

Plastic surgery can provide a subtle change to enhance natural beauty

Cosmetic procedures benefit both male and female patients

Promoting non-surgical treatments as per patients’ needs

Dr Jack Zoumaras is an Artiste, challenging the perception of beauty by enhancing the beauty of the individual with subtle procedures as well as non-surgical treatments.