Good Skin Comes From Within

Good Skin Comes From Within

"The body never lies" We learnt this yesterday from the incredible talented Fiona Tuck!

Fiona Tuck Vita-sol Seminar

We were very excited to be invited to attend a Vita-sol seminar on ‘How to recognise nutritional deficiencies via skin analysis’. According to Fiona Tuck, a leading nutritionist, good skin starts from within. The timing for this seminar couldn’t be more perfect. We have recently begun the countdown to summer and need to get our summer bodies ready (LOL). No jokes, in reality what we need most is our health, as you age you begin to value the time you have with loved ones, more. You start to ponder your mortality and with this comes fear and guilt. So when the opportunity came to attend the seminar and learn: how we can live healthier lives, how we can achieve balance and how to recognise deficiencies from simply analyzing our skin! We were eager students really to learn and ready to be a healthier version of ourselves. Who doesn’t want great skin? From all the conferences we attend, we are well versed on all the topical ointments and creams that are available to support the skin, but could we be doing more?

Fiona says that using topical's by themselves is just a band aid solution as the issue will continue to present itself if you don’t treat the cause. This opening had us already reflecting on all the band aid treatments and products we have in our daily lives. A all too frequent coping mechanism for stress and energy depletion is chocolate, in fact sugar. Alfie and I not only go to food as a coping mechanism for daily challenges, but we frequently reward ourselves with food. This cycle is not only unhealthy but we have found ourselves struck in a revolving door. Fiona articulated complex issues in a easy to digest fashion which left us drooling for more.

Fiona Tuck and vita-sol pty

Being healthy and have healthy glowing skin comes from many facets. We touched on the topical applications but there is also exercise. Getting enough regular exercise plays a part in this puzzle, as does stress. Having too much stress in your life can have a profound effect on many parts of the body and mind. But in terms of internal effects, stress causes the depletion of many nutrients and minerals required to lead a healthy lifestyle and can affect your hormones.

But what we were concerned with today is internal health or gut health. Reason being was we learnt we have what is known as a "leaky gut". According to Fiona, “Your body has its own language of communication and has ways of telling you what you need.” What she is referring to is that when your internal health is poor, generally your skin is poor. This could manifest as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and redness. By this stage despite the full room, Aflie and I felt as if the seminar was a personal nutritional reading. I suffer frequently from dry skin, psoriasis and redness. Alfie suffers from oily skin, congestion, redness and dry patches. By this point we realised not only do we need to have our wholefoods daily but we need a kick-up the butt. We are lazy, leaky gut people using creams and cleansers to fix an internal issue these products can't possible fix.

There are also other physical signs that can occGood skin from within by vita-solur from low nutritional intake such as lethargy, depression, irritability, lower immunity, and food cravings. So, as you can see, if you support your gut, it will in turn, support your skin, mind and body. Wholefoods and equilibrium here we come!

Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle can difficult we are living proof of this. With our busy lifestyle, eating food on the run out of packages seems to be an easy way to gain our sustenance whilst minimising the time to prepare any of it. Processed foods or food from a package, is generally high in sugar and blows out the recommended level of sugar we should be consuming. It is extremely hard to not eat processed foods today. Other than process foods, we are under attack by tea/coffee, alcohol and medications, all adding to the issues we face today. The second part of the day went into the various minerals and nutrients required to lead this healthy life we all strive for. Discussion was had around the signs of deficiencies from each and where to source each nutrient from fresh fruits and vegetables.

From what we can gather, we need to add a whole lot of fresh fruit and vegetables to our grocery cart when next in the supermarket. Which also means that we need to increase preparation time for all these extra fruits and vegetables. This is where it all gets tricky for many working full-time or juggling a busy household. Everyone genuinely wants to eat healthy and give their body all the things it needs to function effectively but some comfort eat, some are very time poor and others don't know how. This is where Vita-sol comes to the rescue. Vita-sol has developed 3 whole food powders that target different parts of the body to give you all the nutrients you need to cover your bodies basic needs.

The 3 lines include

Vita-sol Pty Wholefoods Fiona Tuck

    ·Infinity – cell support and healthy aging. Also increases your energy

    ·Flexibility – support for healthy joints, bones, hair, skin, and nails. This is great for decreasing inflammation

    ·Purity – healthy liver and gut support

These come in a powder form and are produced from pure wholefoods with no synthetic ingredients added. The benefit of this is the ease of use. The powders can be turned into drinks or added to smoothies and food. For the time poor folk, this kills two birds with one stone, cover all bases for a nutrient rich diet and reduce preparation time. In saying that Fiona could not have been more passionate about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. Eating in moderation and finding balance. The powders are not meal replacements, they are not a weight-loss tool and they should not be used for diagnosed issues. If you have concerns about a deficiency in your diet you should be seeing a professional nutritionist. Having a blood test and looking for where you are low and high. The nutritionists can identify what you need, why and how much. With the rise in technology and google experts we have all become somewhat complacent. We pick things up in the health food aisle and it may say "skin health" and we buy and take believing this vitamin or power is going to help our skin. What we have forgotten is there is not a "one size fits all" approach to nutrition. Fiona was passionate about doing your research, learning about your body and tailoring what you need to your diet. We personally love this approach! We have been trailing the infinity, flexibility and purity. And we do notice a difference when we drink our powders;

Alfie loves the Chai receipt "I don't know I'm drinking vegetables which is weird and cool"

I love the Infinity and I genuinely steer clear of supplements, vitamins as I always hate the taste. In a good shake I can't taste any of the powders.

For those that have the time, eat more fruit and vegetables (don’t forget the nuts) for those that don’t, there’s Vita-sol. For more information head on over to and check out Fiona Tuck’s book ‘The Forensic Nutritionist’ available in all good book stores or online.

We have come away from today's event armed with new information and a new-found respect for wholefoods. I will certainly listen to my body more, question products more and strive to find the balance that will ultimately support a longer healthier life.

the forensic nutritionist fiona tuck