Motiva - New player in the breast implant space making big waves

Motiva - New player in the breast implant space making big waves

How does one know which implant is the most suitable when it comes to breast augmentations? Certainly, there are quite a few choices in the marketplace and for the average consumer, getting all the information, can be daunting. There are several well-known brands from the large companies like Johnson and Johnson (Mentor) and Allergan (Natrelle), but have you heard of Motiva from Establishment Labs? Motiva is one of the fastest growing brands in this space and it is becoming so because of its technology and innovation in a relatively unchanged market. Motiva has been in operation for 15 years, with over 600,000 implantations over the last 9 years since first launching their unique smooth Silk nano surface and is currently distributed to over 60 countries worldwide; with CE mark, TGA approval, and approval to undergo the US FDA approval process with implants now being inserted in patients at the key study sites across the US.

What attracts me to Motiva, is their commitment to exceeding the standards set internationally for quality in every way. Motiva has reviewed the mistakes and successes from other implant companies and forged this information to develop the most innovative implant available today, they even refer to them as the next generation of breast implants. Motiva’s main goal – patient safety. This is not just change for the sake of change. Each new development or modification to the manufacturing process is all geared towards patient safety and based on solid science and innovative manufacturing processes. Motiva does not just meet standards set in some of the toughest markets in the world, they exceed them.

One of the biggest developments that Motiva boasts is its Q inside safety technology (sometimes called a microtransponder). This QID innovation has come about to help identify an implant in case of a recall. With the use of a proprietary device, a physician can scan the breast to reveal information about the implant and serial number. This is a massive leap forward for implants. In the past, if you have lost the details of your implants (normally given to you on a piece of paper or card) and have lost contact with your treating surgeon, then the details were lost. In case of a recall, it would have been difficult to ascertain if your implants are part of that recall or not. This leads to anxiety around not knowing and possibly having to go under the knife to identify the implant. But now, Motiva with the Q inside safety technology, no surgery or little piece of paper is required. A quick non-invasive and painless scan can produce all the details required and the piece of mind that comes with that.

On a recent trip to Cairns (Australia), we were fortunate to be able to speak with Dr Isolde Hertess. Dr Hertess is a female plastic surgeon whom uses Motiva implants as part of her offering for patients seeking breast augmentations or breast lifts with implants. Dr Hertess was kind enough to answer some of my questions in relation to Motiva.

Real Motiva Implant Patient of Dr Isolde Hertess from Cairns Plastic SurgeryCAIRNS PLASTIC SURGERY PATIENTS BEFORE MOTIVA IMPLANTS

Why did you decide to use Motiva?

I was drawn to the scientific technology used to manufacture Motiva implants. Motiva breast implants have been used in Europe for over 10 years. The implant was introduced to Australia 18 months ago. I started using the implants about 6 months ago.

What are the advantages of using Motiva?cAIRNS PLASTIC SURGERY PATIENT POST SURGERY

The advantages of using Motiva breast implants are the potential for creating a natural looking breast and the potential for reducing revision surgery for capsule contracture, implant displacement, seroma and possibly ALCL

The smooth nanosurfacing of Motiva implants minimizes the body’s cellular response to a foreign material so creating less scar tissue (capsule contracture) and irritation (seroma).

Recent studies into ALCL also point to an immunologic response to an implant surface that is textured more so than one that is smooth. A nanosurfaced (or silk surface as it is also referred to) is considered a smooth surface.

Are there specific patients that are better suited to the Motiva range?

The Motiva range has an “ergonomix” style implant. The implant gives a more natural look to the breast like a teardrop shaped one but without the risk of rotation because it is a round device. The ergonomic gel moves with the breast so on standing the breast assumes a more teardrop shape and on lying it falls to the side or forms a cleavage when bending.

How do they compare to other implants in relation to procedure itself?

The surgical procedure using Motiva implants is like any other surgery. For all breast augmentation surgery I currently perform, I follow the 14 point plan to allow for consistency and safety.

In the Motiva implants you have used, have you had good results and what has the patient satisfaction been like?

The breast implants feel soft and the breasts look natural or have the desired fullness depending on which implant style in the Motiva brand is used. Great satisfaction from patients as a result.

Dr Hertess, you mentioned that some patients don’t like the tracking. How do you explain this or get around this?

An inert microtransponder is inserted into each breast implant. All it does is identify the size and style. People often don’t remember what style and size implant they have in their body. The microtransponder is not a tracking device merely an identifier. The implants can be manufactured without a microchip if the patient requests.

Do you participate in the breast implant registry?

Yes. Australian Breast Implant Registry is a government initiative managed by Monash University. It is designed to track the long-term safety of implantable breast devices so that the best surgical practice is maintained, and optimal patient health outcomes are achieved.

Anything else to add?

Each surgeon will have a different implant preference. It is important to feel comfortable with the surgeon, the clinic, and the advice that you have been given. All surgeons who are members of ASPS and ASAPS have the highest standard of training and best practice.

We thank Dr Hertess for taking time out of her busy day to share her thoughts on Motiva breast implants. For all the ladies out there trying to decide on what breast implant is best, it’s always refreshing hearing from a female plastic surgeon whom is also a Trusted Surgeon. Always remember to consult with your surgeon on the best breast implant choice for your body type and expectations. Everyone’s body is different, but your surgeon will be able to evaluate what implant will best suit you and help you achieve the result that you are after.

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