My Loan Expert Starting a New Conversation in Medical Mortgage Broking

My Loan Expert Starting a New Conversation in Medical Mortgage Broking

My Loan Expert Starting a New Conversation in Medical Mortgage Broking

Unsurprisingly, certain industries are slow to change. The reasons why vary, but the result is invariably the same: Poorer outcomes for clients! But businesses who innovate hold a unique opportunity to carve a new path.

Stewart Noble and his business partner Phillip Edwards always understood this. That’s why when they agreed to start My Medical Loan Expert in 2019 as an extension of their award-winning mortgage business, My Loan Expert (first founded in 2012), they make a vow to do things differently. In our era of digital disruption where innovation cycles perpetually shorten and both patients and medical professionals can struggle to keep up with the pace and scale of change, they committed to really being there for clients, and helping them forge a path ahead.

My Medical Loan Expert is unique as a business that services both patients and professionals in the medical field. Their clients come to them with a variety of needs, and they commonly assist with:

For Patients

  • Financing general medical expenses, including increasingly large gap payments
  • Financing elective surgery such as IVF, lap band surgery or cosmetic enhancements
  • Financing for travel overseas for specialised treatments or cosmetic procedures
  • Financing for families with children under 18 seeking help with treatment funds

For Professionals

  • Financing new practices,
  • Financing medical equipment,
  • Financing motor vehicles
  • Cash flow funding

...and more!

The team always says, ‘our clients come first, and their needs are diverse’. This is an ethos they work to each and every day. With their team doing so led with the proven experience and expertise Stewart and Phillip have acquired over the past 18 years.

Stewart and Phillip are proud to serve their clients each day as Medfin-accredited brokers, a designation less than 1% of all finance brokers in Australia hold. With access to Medfin and other lenders offering special products for medical professionals, they’ve unique access to finance that they utilise for their client’s ultimate advantage. This is a real point of difference, and one of many they hold in the industry.

They believe in a business that mixes cutting edge contemporary practices with old fashioned customer service. They are pioneering and they are innovative; but they’re also transparent and accessible. Together their team of loan experts are committed to their clients, and the ongoing mentoring of new entrants to the industry to ensure the high professional standards will be mirrored and grown elsewhere in the time ahead.

In conclusion, My Medical Loan Expert is excited to begin a new conversation across Australia - and they would be delighted to speak with you today about providing innovative service by a friendly team you can trust and rely on. For too long this industry has focused on the outcomes instead of the process.

But they’re committed to getting the process right and ensuring all their clients have complete satisfaction from start to finish in all their interactions with My Medical Loan Expert - and they’re ready to show you how they work right now!

Alongside welcoming your enquiry via email to ,


Stewart would be pleased to take your call direct anytime on 0418 865 056.