New Year, New You

New Year, New You

2017 is just around the corner… Unfortunately, so is Domino’s. It goes without saying; new year resolutions are often short-lived promises that are overruled by the extra slice of Christmas cake lurking in the refrigerator. So this year, why not settle for a small change that can make a BIG difference? New Year New You!

We’ve compiled a list of our favourites.

1. Drink less coffee & opt for green tea instead (green tea is great for weight-loss and cleansing)
2. Scroll less & read more! Choose paperback novels on public transport and before bed, rather than technology
3. Drink more water daily. For every glass of coffee or tea you consume, you need to have an extra glass of water, as caffeine will dehydrate you.4. Don’t skip breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day. Lots of small meals keep your metabolism in check and assists with weight management.
5. Set a goal and start planning! Book the holiday you’ve always been dreaming about. Its the journey not the destination. Having something to look forward to is both motivating and rewarding.
6. Set aside 15-minutes a day to organise your emails – an organised worker is a happier worker
8. Walk or cycle to work at least once a week instead of driving
9. Consume less alcohol – Plan an active Saturday morning with a friend to make those Friday night drinks a little less tempting.
10. Set aside some family time, weekly or fortnightly and stick to it! Memories are made from moments.

Set yourself a list of achievable goals to live by and remember small steps are better then no steps. One step at a time and youll be reaching your goals. Take the time you need in 2017 to be the best version of yourself. Love yourself, be yourself and dont apologise for being you!