Even though your operation may be considered ‘cosmetic’, it’s still real surgery and you need to allow yourself to heal. You have invested hard earned cash to have the procedure so you need to make sure you look after your investment!

Recovery time after surgery.

Your time is a precious resource; since work and family demands don’t let up, many patients try to cut down their time to recover. However, it’s important to respect your recovery and remember that trying to get back to your activities of daily life before you’re ready can prolong the recovery process, or worse, undo your beautiful surgical result. Those who give their body the time it needs to heal will experience the best possible results.

Post op Garments.

Your surgeon will in most cases provide you with post op garments to wear, you need to follow all post op instructions to the letter. These garments help prevent swelling, fluid build up, support the incisions and generally aid the recovery time. Remember the surgeon knows best!


Please stop smoking prior to surgery and for the weeks following your operation. This is really important when protecting your investment. Why throw good money away and risk infection by smoking.

Don’t overdo it.

You will need help in the first few days post op and with some surgeries for even longer. Please plan ahead and have a backup plan in place should something go wrong with your support person. Don’t lift and reach, rest and recover!