PSC 2017 uniting together under one banner

PSC 2017 uniting together under one banner




What an amazing 4 days of fun filled, information driven, and open collaboration it was. The Plastic Surgery Congress did not fail to impress. The most heart-warming take away for our team was how humble and generous the members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) truly are. This was certainly a pinnacle in my career.

Trusted Surgeons (TS) are small fish amongst this huge fraternity but we are friends with a common cause. We all have an inherent love of the aesthetic industry and want to fight the good fight. On our stand we were intimidated, excited, and honoured to be amongst the industry leaders. Although daunting, we spoke to everyone who would listen, and the response was astonishing!The surgeons we met were delightful, down to earth, and genuine.

ASPS are ultimately about helping people. Plastic surgery covers so much more then breast implants and nose jobs. Many of the surgeons were devoted to helping burn victims, craniofacial, worked in both trauma and aesthetic surgery. The surgeons did not boast about their philanthropic work, yet were committed to giving back. Interplast and the Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery were rightfully promoted and supported.

ASPS have identified and acknowledged the changing industry from social media and doctor google, through to supporting registers and women within the faculty.

To say we felt inspired, impressed, and motivated does seem enough as we truly walked away, immensely proud. We were proud that we have access to such talented surgeons, proud that our surgeons are so devoted to education, patient safety and teaching those coming through the program. The comradery reminded us of why ASPS deserve to be recognised and acknowledge as the leading organisation for Plastic Surgery.

I could not help but feel embarrassed for those who travel abroad, when we are truly the lucky country. Having such talented surgeons backed by such a worthy organisation is reason for people to travel to Australia, not from it.

The highlights of PSC 2017:

At the PSC 2017 Gala Dinner, we had the pleasure of sitting with Professor Debra Reilly, international guest speaker from Nebraska, USA. Professor Reilly is on the board of directors Women for Women International Reconstructive Surgeons, she discussed her group supporting female plastic surgeons. Professor Reilly’s special interests are Breast Surgery, Acute and Reconstructive Burn Surgery, Complex Wound Management & Overseas Medical Mission Trips. It was a thrill to converse with Professor Reilly about our cause and weirdly enough, Tim Tams. I do hope Professor Reilly was able to take some Tim Tams home to Nebraska.

The stands were as impressive as the well-run event, our top 5 favourite stands were;

    -Strapharma (possibly bias having used Strapharma products personally)

    -JanMarini, the products we trialled were nothing short of astonishing

    -Allergan is always impressive but we loved the emphasis on the ALCL 14 point plan and patient safety. Find out more from

    -Interplast, bringing awareness to those less fortunate and the profoundly generous work of many ASPS surgeons.

    -Capstone, our wonderful neighbours innovating global clinic practice software. Capstone remarkably can run different modules to suit a full operating suite down to a basic clinic. Capstone is bringing clinics into the 21st century with its user-friendly system and true-cloud based solution.

Overall the PSC 2107 was educational, enjoyable, and empowering. Nurses, doctors, registrars, surgeons, and the international guests all collaborated in a supportive and encouraging environment. It’s great to see the industry come together under one banner. All credit to ASPS for a successful conference!

A few Happy Snaps!

The amazing Interplast Team

Our Favourite Presentation

The Trusted Team

This man NOSE his stuff Dr Paul O'Keeffe from Ok Noses

Dr Mark Magnusson and Dr Chantrashekar Patel

The end :-)