Queensland's ultimate destination for rejuvenation

Queensland's ultimate destination for rejuvenation

The Prodigious Clinic of Dr Terrence Scamp and Dr Mark Magnusson was above and beyond what we could have imagined.

It was a freezing dark Sydney morning, we set off on the first flight to Queensland. Although rugged up and tired, I was very excited to get to the Gold Coast and visit the rooms of Dr Terrence Scamp and Dr Mark Magnusson. Before reaching their rooms, we saw a huge billboard with the two leading surgeons. It was at this point, the nerves set in.

The Esteem Clinic we visited is located on Seaworld Drive in Main Beach. I can’t think of a better location. But I certainly did not expect what was to come. The clinic was nestled discreetly within the beautiful Marina Mirage.

When walking into the foyer it was like being in a 5-star hotel, the atmosphere exuded ambiance, elegance, and style. There was so much attention to detail but being a sceptic, I thought how can the rooms behind the scenes top this.

We met Michelle, the practice manager, of the surgical section within the clinic. Michelle was exceptionally warm, friendly, and inviting. It felt as though we had met before. We were whisked straight into a tour. The first room being Dr Magnusson’s, wow, just wow, the marvellous view, spacious feel and warm sun was stunning. The theme and layout of the clinic flowed through in such a well-planned design. The Post-op waiting room, nursing area, non-surgical rooms and administration space was sensationally strategic. Dr Scamp’s partner, Maria Gambaro – CEO of Esteem certainly exceeded herself on designing a clinic which optimises patient comfort.

The lovely Michelle was now to be bombarded with questions, all of which she answered naturally and without hesitation. What I learned, was a story of one man’s passion to help patients, combined with business savvy, Maria. Equally as passionate, they created a thriving legacy with 3 prestigious locations.

Dr Scamp has been practising his craft for over 26 years and operates out of Gold Coast Private and Pacific Private. Dr Scamp has generations of patients from the one family, a loyalty not often seen today. After this visit, other surgeons, and scrub nurse’s from outside the clinic told me “Dr Scamp is the best in town for rhinoplasty.” Although there is a 2-4 week wait period, Michelle & the team works with patients to get a consult as soon as possible. Despite the billboard, social media and traditional marketing, Dr Scamp has a loyal following and most of his patients are from word of mouth. Whilst Dr Scamp concentrates on operating, Maria drives the business growth. As they say, “Behind every great man there is a great woman”, this is certainly the case here. The clinic is perfection, I had a true appreciation for the little details. From the clinical photo room to the TEICA training academy.

Esteem boast having the 3D Vectra imaging machine, medical grade lasers, all qualified and highly trained technicians, 3 aesthetic clinics, an internationally recognised cosmetic tattooist, a make-up area, and hairdresser. You can literally walk into the clinic 6wks post facelift for your check-up and walk out ready for a glamour shoot. You can have your hair styled and make up applied on the way out. No one needs to know where you have been or why you look so good.

Dr Magnusson joined the clinic earlier in the year and it’s no surprise, these two work well together. Both have an astute, meticulous, and serious approach to their craft, coupled with an approachable and humble demeanour. A surgeon needs to be confident and think quick under pressure. Dr Scamp and Dr Magnusson possess confidence which makes you feel secure, when experience matters, you want to be sure you are in the best hands.

Dr Magnusson is renowned for his body work and I can understand why he is nationally sought after. It is daunting, losing weight and exposing yourself to a stranger with what feels like your shameful excess skin. What you perceive as undesirable, you do not want to show anyone. Dr Magnusson is one of those kind men all the children and puppies love. He has a genuine, caring nature which is why patients not only feel comfortable but they feel safe. This comfort is priceless and with the professional therapeutic relationship, comes life changing results.

On an ethical front, both surgeons, uphold best practice and patient safety above all. No interstate patient is operated on without an in person consultation. Even with the utilisation of skype becoming a popular consult choice, this is only an additional contact method. The surgeon lays eyes on the patient at either the 1st and/or 2nd consultation. The post-operative care is, as you can imagine, as well planned as the clinic. Even more impressive, once you are a patient, you are always encouraged to call and always welcome for a follow-up. This level of quality and care is what some would call the five star difference.

What is quite cute about the clinic, staff, and surgeons is, it is all about you. No one talked about how good they were, who was better at what or why they have stood the test of time. I constantly found myself talking about my life, experiences, children and had to consciously stop myself.

“Your esteem……. it’s our guarantee” Esteem Medi Spa

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