Raw Juicing

Raw Juicing

Trusted Surgeons attended the 2017 Melbourne Beauty Expo. It was here where we were blown away by the passion, dedication and enthusiasm of Eco Tan founder Sonya Driver. What has stuck with us is the amazing products, personally tried and tested we are now in love. Since such time we have been groupies of Eco Tan!

We would love to share Sonya's great article on Juicing. Look out as you are in for a treat;


Superfoods contain a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Raw organic juicing of superfoods is a power packed way of optimising your health and vitality.

I have found by just adding one small thing, what a big difference it can make. Raw organic juicing has changed my life and it will absolutely change yours too!

Do yourself a favour and watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. I’m telling you, this documentary started a revolution. It follows Joe Cross, an Australian man, who regains his health by juicing fruit and vegetables. It truly inspired me.

I have now made it my ritual. Every morning I will make a jug of organic juice for my family and my kids know it’s not optional. They drink it all and they love it! Remember to always include way more vegetables than fruit. Vegetables are nutrient dense powerhouses – the more, the better! My rule that I try and stick to is about 90% vegetables and 10% fruits. I find that some vegetables are quite sweet anyway, like beetroot. For the fruit, I usually swap between apples, pineapples and oranges or whatever is in season.

Juicing has also taught me that we don’t need to put pressure on ourselves to eradicate certain food groups or foods from our diets. In my experience, I have found that simply juicing a handful of organic fruit and veg each day can drastically change the way you look, but more importantly, feel. Within one week of organic juicing, I found my moods and energy levels dramatically improved. This is because, not only does juicing flood your body with micronutrients and vitamins that your body needs, it will also stop cravings in their tracks. For me, I noticed my need for caffeine had dropped and my head aches disappeared.


I urge you to follow “Reboot With Joe” on social media. Joe shares some great juicing recipes, meal plans and other free resources to help you introduce organic juicing into your home and diet. The Reboot With Joe Community is such an inspiration for me, I love reading the incredible healing journeys that people have experienced with organic juicing.

As we all know our food can be our medicine or poison. So let’s eat (and drink!) the rainbow and flood our bodies with good nutrients and vitamins.

I know you all know this by now, but here is your reminder! JUICE UP!

Be Blessed x