Personally I have to say I love reviewing products that support me and my journey to wellness and that I absolutely loved reviewing Skinade!

I discovered Skinade on Google a few months ago whilst researching various ways to ultimately support skin longevity and anti ageing so when I was asked to do a review I was really excited.

skinade trusted surgeon

The package arrived and I was really impressed with the design and packaging. I tried one immediately and was a little taken back by the smell. It is not so nice BUT they do say that things that are good for you or work are often not the most palatable. So I refrigerated the rest of the bottles and made a promise to myself to stick to drinking one daily for the rest of the month.

The following day when I opened a cold bottle the smell and taste were easier on the palate, so take note refrigeration is a must! I also found it far easier to drink from a glass than the bottle due to the small opening.

Skinade has made my skin feel super smooth which I love and I haven’t had any breakouts while drinking Skinade daily, which is great. I feel the overall hydration of my skin is far better than prior to starting the month course, as someone who has Vitiligo I suffer from dry skin, I have noticed a marked improvement in the areas I would normally suffer dryness. I have to say my skin has never felt so good. I absolutely love this stuff, so much so that I have been telling everyone who will listen about it!

The one downside would be the bottle design, the opening could be improved, it looks great but if you want to drink Skinade straight from the bottle you may find the small opening a little hard to drink from, for me this necessitated using a glass. I was informed the opening is specifically designed to be smaller so you don’t skull the contents. It is to be taken in about 7 gulps for optimum results. ?

Overall I have to say Skinade would be one of the better anti ageing products on the market.

Thanks Skinade!

skinade trusted surgeons