The Trusted Truth

The Trusted Truth

There are so many myths surrounding plastic surgery, it’s hard to differentiate between fact and fiction. Well, we’re here to debunk these myths & provide you with the #trustedtruth

Myth 1. Plastic surgery is the same as cosmetic surgery

FICTION! The field of plastic surgery includes cosmetic, but they are not the same thing. Plastic surgery also includes reconstructive surgery, which has the additional purpose of improving natural imperfections or repairing injuries.

Myth 2. Breast reconstruction is only for women

FICTION! Breast reconstruction and reduction is a common procedure among Australian men. Often caused by obesity, medication or a hormonal imbalance, plastic surgery is a coming and trusted solution to this issue.

Myth 3. Liposuction helps to remove cellulite

FICTION! Fibre-like tissues in the layer of skin above fat cells cause cellulite. Liposuction removes the fat and works best if you are within 30% of your ideal weight range.

Myth 4. Silicone breast implants are not safe

FICTION! Long-term studies have shown that both saline and silicone breast implants are safe and have not been proven to cause any shown diseases.

Myth 5. Plastic surgery will leave scars

FACT! Whilst scarring can be dramatically reduced, the skin will always be compromised slightly after surgery. However, a skilled and experiences Plastic Surgeon will be able to minimise the presence of scarring, for optimal aesthetic results.

Myth 6. Facelifts are mainly for women

FACT! Whilst men and women can benefit from a facelift, approximately 80% of facelifts are currently performed on women.

Myth 7. High-impact exercise can cause breasts to sag

FACT! Without adequate support, exercise can stretch supportive ligaments, causing breasts to sag.

Myth 8. Breast implants look different on everybody

FACT! The shape and size of your breast augmentation will be influenced by your physiology and desired cosmetic look.