Welcome to the 2017 Non Surgical Symposium

Welcome to the 2017 Non Surgical Symposium

Day one at the Non-Surgical Symposium 2017

As always, production house goes above and beyond to create atmosphere, prestige and an entertaining program. The symposium kicked off last night with the delegates being taken via buses to Paradise Country. On arrival, we were greeted by a cowboy, the sound of a whip cracking and the smell of damper. The ambiance was warm, rustic and it truly felt like you stepped into the outback. This was a treat for all the city slickers and a true delight for the international guest speakers. ASPS certainly brought glamour and beauty to the bush. Guests went back to basics and learning how to make bush tea with a billy and traditional damper. The theme was a huge success. Being surrounded by a farm and friendly faces, was a great way to start a fun filled weekend. I can say I don’t believe I have ever been to a function with so many aesthetically beautiful women.

Day one commenced with everyone enthusiastic and excited. The convention has loads of great exhibitors, beautiful signage, and a great lolly bar. Greeted by the welcoming team from production house, delegates were given a great rolling travel bag filled with goodies.

Dr Mark Magnusson opened the plenary, Dr Magnusson promoted all sponsors, collaborating hosts and acknowledged the amazing achievement winning MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Exhibitions) 2016 award. The MICE award covered all industries and labelled the Non-Surgical symposium 2016 the BEST conference of 2016. Certainly, an achievement to be proud of.

Doug Grose the president of CPCA followed Dr Magnusson an exceptionally humble and inspiring. Dr Grose started training in the first hospital in Sydney when consultants imparted their knowledge at no cost. It is great to see, “we are here to impart knowledge” said Dr Grose.

Greg Goodman the president of ASCD introduced ASCD and a little about the organisation. Fun fact - ASCD started the same year as selfie was put in the dictionary, 2013. ASCD is a training body – not political, not for profit and has 9 guest speakers presenting.

The plenary had great attendance and motivated delegates ready to learn the latest in cosmeceutical, what’s a fad, and what’s game changing. What was impressive, was the industry leaders in the room. The room was filled with nurses, doctors, dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, all with one common goal; Patient Safety and Satisfaction. Apart from the comradery, it is interesting how a different perception can make you stop, think, and reflect. Sharing knowledge at such an event is certainly more educational and fun for me, than reading a journal article or text book.

We watched a heart-warming Interplast video which quickly reminded everyone of the other side to the Plastic Surgery stream. A humble reminder of the humanitarian work of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Plastic Surgery is not only aesthetic but functional and serves the most vulnerable of patients being babies and children. Families too poor to access a surgeon and parents powerless to help their child. Children who have suffered burns, born with cleft palates and other trauma or deformity’s. One cannot feel inspired and proud of the work interplast, the surgeons and nurses do.

Dr Patricia Ogilvie reminded delegates of why we do what we do in the aesthetic field. She said, Striving for beauty and attractiveness is as old as mankind, amongst humans and animals. Quite simply, imagination + attractiveness = initiates mating. In 100 milliseconds of processing, we decide if someone is attractive. Such an interesting talk, Dr Ogilvie was engaging and imparted her knowledge in such a way I did not look away.

Next Greg Goodman basically told me I’m doomed. As a white skinned woman, living in coastal Australia, no amount of sunscreen can save me from aging. Dr Goodman presented on; time and UV exposure, how does this affect Australian women aging in comparison to other countries; US, UK, Canada. The findings were not great for Australians, although moving to Canada does not seem feasible. What did sadden me was 60% of teenagers are actively seeking a tan even knowing 50% of Australians will develop skin cancer.

Dr Magnusson is not the stern, monotone academic you would expect for the president. Dr Magnusson is super cool (like his socks)! If there was a MyfaceMybody coolest surgeon award I think Dr Magnusson and Dr Miroshnik would be the coolest surgeons in oz. I’m hoping he busts out on the dance floor, but I’m told what happens at the conference stays at the conference.

Dr Steven Liew then spoke about facial aging in different races and ultimately Asians age better. Dr Liew’s talk was very interesting and highlighted that you cant do the same treatment for everyone, rather each patient needs to have their treatment tailored. He also spoke about early intervention and not missing the boat. If you start early and provide support then only maintenance is required moving forward.

The opening plenary session ended on a high note with the beautiful Dr Gabriela Casabona from Brazil.

Overall, if the calibre of the opening talks is anything to go by, we in for an amazing event…