What is a Yummy Tummy

What is a Yummy Tummy

A delicious Yummy Tummy is a life changing experience which begins at Cairns Plastic Surgery.

Starting this week, Cairns Plastic Surgery will be showcasing their Yummy Tummy’s every Transformation Tuesday. Dr Hertess is one of few female plastic surgeons in Queensland who practice cosmetic surgery. It is no surprise women flock from around the country to see an experienced, talented, and highly skilled female surgeon. After 20 years of practice, Dr Hertess has perfected the art of the abdominoplasty. As a woman and mother in Australia, Dr Hertess understands the true struggles post pregnancy and of weight loss.

We live in a hot climate, especially in Queensland, which is great for most. But this is not so great if you are a mother of young children who want to go to the beach or pool and you are too embarrassed to wear swim attire. It’s not amazing when your excess skin hangs, and sweaty creases become irritated. It is also like a slap in the face when you lose weight and are left with saggy skin to remind you of what was once there. An abdominoplasty aims to fix these issues. It can involve tightening the muscle, removing excess skin and leaves you with a tort, trim and terrific “yummy tummy”. The feeling of freedom when you rid the heavy excess skin, the feeling of support from the specialist nurse consultants and the feeling of comfort from a specialist female plastic surgeon, is lifechanging.

Cairns Plastic Surgery Yummy Tummy

The Cairns Plastic Surgery Yummy Tummy is taking Australia by storm and the reassurance of having surgery within Australia should not be dismissed. The risks of having surgery Overseas are widely published. It is for this reason women and men are reconsidering their options. Cairns Plastic Surgery have multiple options for patients, so they can access this life changing procedure safely. Dr Hertess has a loyal following of patients because the postoperative and follow up care is as valuable as the surgery itself. It is no wonder everyone wants a “Yummy Tummy”