Who are Insight Patient Satisfaction Solutions?

Who are Insight Patient Satisfaction Solutions?

“In the pursuit of excellence, we must question what could we do better”

Plastic surgery is daunting and can affect patients both physically and emotionally. Physical appearance can alter your emotional state. Whilst botched surgery can further alter this. Reconstructive surgery post trauma, cancer or giving a child a smile is inspiring. To many, these surgeons are heroes. They change lives and allow people to live life to their full potential.

As patients, we know our chosen surgeon. We research them and may have been referred to them. We will always meet them before committing to have surgery. Yet, surgeons and clinic staff are ready and waiting to help everyone. Clinics don’t have the luxury of selecting their patients from a website or referral. This raises the question; How well do you know your patient? Regardless of extensive consultation, assessing a patient’s needs is hard work.

Many leading clinics have implemented a system of collecting and analysing patient feedback. Positive feedback is essential to boosting staff moral. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on what was done well, how, and why. Negative feedback is just as valuable. Often your clinic bends over backwards to achieve 100% patient satisfaction. Yet there is always the one-off patient who falls through the cracks. There are so many possible scenarios for patients who are not satisfied. As a result these patients will not refer their friends to your clinic. Collecting this information is priceless. But why would a patient let you know if they are unhappy? To vent? A venting patient is not always constructive and can be damaging to staff morale. A happy patient will share their positive experience.

The best approach to this problem is an independent survey. A survey will collect information your clinic requires. This is then used to reflect and review the patient’s journey. Staff can use this to empathise and understand patients. It can help pinpoint when, where and how patients perceived they were not valued. An expectation not met or a negative encounter will outshine all positive aspects. This expectation can be as simple as a follow-up call the next day.

As a busy clinic, this is often seen as an extra task on an already spread team. Insight Patient Satisfaction Solutions are able to capture the crucial feedback. They will assist proactive practitioners by designing and implementing a tailored patient survey. As an independent company, Insight Patient Satisfaction Solutions manage the entire survey process. They then provide your clinic with an in depth report. These will help you improve patient experiences, streamline operations and improve profitability.