Who is Dr JZ?

Who is Dr JZ?

Why we love Dr JZ?

Dr Jack Zoumaras, aka Dr JZ from Artiste Plastic Surgery, is a Sydney based Specialist Plastic, Reconstruction, and Cosmetic surgeon. Jack is a bloke from Adelaide, a devoted husband, dad, and supporter of the rugby. But what makes him special? Well let’s start with the name ‘Jack’. During the Middle Ages, it was a very common name and it became a slang word meaning "man".

Why is this relevant? Because Jack is the man you can depend on, he is the guy next door you immediately feel comfortable with. To be honest, without knowing who Dr Zoumaras is, you would not immediately guess he is a highly skilled and talented surgeon. Dr Zoumaras is easy going and fun without lacking in professionalism. We recently had the pleasure of asking Jack 101 questions and what was most reassuring was his honesty. What makes him special is, Dr Zoumaras is not a salesman, he listens and is honest. If he can help, he will. He appreciates every patient’s individualised needs and this is reflected throughout his clinic.

To get personal, I asked about my own challenging chin. I have had a few different treatments and consults. I wanted to know the best option from the face man himself. Rather than jumping to his preferred option, Dr Zoumaras spent significant time explaining all my options; belkyra, liposuction, threading, chin implant, mini lift. So many options which achieve slightly different outcomes, different downtime and available within the clinic or theatre.

We then discussed pricing! This is most often a difficult subject but not for Dr Zoumaras who was cool as a cucumber. Dr Zoumaras’ prices are transparent and consistent across the hospitals he operates in, both Sydney and Adelaide. Dr Zoumaras is not part of any groups and does not believe in changing prices dependent on clinic. Most recently Dr Zoumaras meet a young patient who requires reconstructive ear surgery. Jack has performed some amazing reconstructive surgery including but not limited to cleft palates and ears. This young man requires ear reconstructive surgery to look and feel normal but does not have the means to cover the surgery. Dr Zoumaras has approached his contacts to get help in accessing a theatre at no cost so the patient can undergo this life changing surgery. Dr Zoumaras thinks outside the box and wants to help people and where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So, we ask what makes Jack special? Jack doesn’t follow rigid processes rather, Jack enhances beauty utilising his insight and ability to think creatively. This trait, one can’t simply learn. Combined with confidence and skill, Dr Zoumaras enhances beauty one patient at a time.

If you want a surgeon you can trust, who has your interests and safety at heart, take a closer look at Dr Jack Zoumaras from Artiste Plastic Surgery.

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At Artiste Plastic Surgery, Facelifts are Dr JZ's area of expertise. Dr. Jack Zoumaras is a highly trained and skilled Plastic Surgeon who has worked at world renowned facelift centres in New York, San Francisco, Miami and Paris. Dr. Jack Zoumaras offers expertise in facelift surgery; using proven, and accepted techniques, combined with the latest advancements and refinements to give the best natural looking result for each individual patient.