Who is Dr Liew?

Who is Dr Liew?

Walking off a busy inner-city street into Shape clinic is surreal. It feels as if you are hidden from the hustle and have escaped the world. There is an overwhelming sense of calm and serenity which is difficult to articulate. Dr Liew is located in Darlinghurst a trendy part of Sydney, surrounded by eclectic galleries, stylish bars, and inner-city charm.

Visiting the clinic was certainly not what you would expect. Most often clinics have a sense of opulence which is often intimidating, overwhelming and feel super expensive. Although this can be a good thing, to feel a sense of luxury, it can also make an average person feel insecure. Shape clinic is certainly not lacking in beauty and quality, yet has a balance which feels comforting. Whilst waiting to see Dr Liew you cannot help but feel contentment, and be somewhat curious about the attention to detail. The clinic flows from room to room and you literally feel as though you are in another place or time.

We were so lucky to have spent three times the amount of time with Dr Liew then we anticipated. Dr Liew was not your average Specialist Plastic Surgeon, he had a refreshing sense of calm. Dr Liew’s voice, manner and thoughts of reason provoked a sense of questioning into our perception on many topics. We questioned Dr Liew about his face puzzling which when explained, made perfect sense. Dr Liew was all about continuity of care, which is not new to medicine. However, many patients, including myself, have had fillers with one clinic and then muscle relaxants with another. Dr Liew has brought to light such a simple and very logical realisation. Your facial expressions, features and symmetry work in harmony and create your identity. Why would you alter only your lips or eyes, without considering the face as a whole? It is as if we divide up our face like a puzzle. As patients we have lost a sense of loyalty as we now want everything cheap, yesterday, and perfect. If we are price driven, then this has resulted in numerous injectors and procedures being done across different clinics. This approach does not result in an integrated approach or aesthetic harmony. Surgeons like Dr Liew help people put the puzzle back together and enhance one’s natural beauty, without sacrificing your personality and unique features.

This brings us to the surgical side. Shape clinic is not about “changing” people faces or bodies. The clinic is about finding your natural beauty, what you love about yourself, and why? Then delving a little deeper, will you truly feel confident and love yourself more if you have a surgical procedure? And how can the procedure help you feel more comfortable in your skin. Dr Liew went into detail about the different motivations of patients which was related to the stage of their life. This also was a very logical approach and of course within my age group, I thought he was describing me.

Dr Liew has a very sound understanding of his patients and we loved his answer to, why do women have surgery?

The younger demographic come to him wanting to emulate who inspires them, they want to correct what makes them feel self-conscious.

The 30’s are more stable in life, they want the 20’s back. Surgery is most often about restoring and achieving what was lost with children. To this I responded “Yes, I want this”

The 40’s made me laugh as I am fast approaching this stage of my life. Possibly separated (4 kids and a business could lead me here). “In the market” (oh dear god I hope not! I’d rather kindle then tinder). Sensitive (tick) and approaching a new stage of the ageing process.

For the 50 + 60’s, the procedures are now very different, there is a new level of comfort in oneself. Procedures change and can be both functional and aesthetic, for instance blepharoplasty. Facelifts which are subtle as opposed to breast implants of the 20’s stage. There is more reconstructive surgery which is about restoring and personal fulfillment.

Society’s view has evolved with the rise of social media, influencers (Kardashians) and accessibility. Dr Liew however has not been swept up by the trends and maintains a touch of human nature. With plastic surgery being a social media trend, driven by celebrity before and after images, there is a loss of humanity and human touch. The unique individual needs and human touch is not lost with Dr Liew, in fact he exudes it. Dr Liew was humbled and genuine in stating he feels honoured to have his patients trust him. In consult, people open to him about their fears and insecurities. On the day of surgery, they entrust potentially their life, future, happiness of themselves in Dr Liew. It was remarkable when Dr Liew explained this. As opposed to hearing about his life changing, god like abilities, he was in fact most honoured by the opportunity to practice his skill and profession.

Dr Liew takes the road less travelled regarding marketing and advertising. Dr Liew is a supporter of education, awareness, and public health. He is not a surgeon with many before and after pictures, glamorous women, or sexualised nudity. This in turn is why Dr Liew stands out from the crowd and attracts the right patients. Dr Liew’s videos are raw, genuine and about the patient, not simply the procedure. You’ll find patient videos on Dr Liew’s Facebook page and like many who would normally only watch 30 seconds, you will find yourself watching more and feeling inspired. Dr Liew’s genuine and honest approach exposes the psychological impact of surgery, something a static image cannot.

Something we also took away with us and have tried to implement in our lives, is his theory on energy. The energy in the clinic was right. In the clinic we felt content, relaxed and free to speak openly. Dr Liew explained to us the energy must be right, and he has an Feng shui expert attend the clinic yearly to adjust the surroundings. Every year the energy changes and the clinic is adjusted to suit and maintain the perfect equilibrium. I did still speak at 100 miles an hour and was overly excited to be there, but hopefully next time I will be less excited.

We were in all impressed by Dr Liew’s clinic, attention to detail, patience, and nature. If the clinic reflected a surgeon you can trust, Dr Liew has reach the pinnacle. If you have a consult with Dr Liew, it is certain you will not be “sold” to. If you have a question you feel too stupid to ask about, Dr Liew is the man you would feel comfortable to ask. Dr Liew’s confidence is subtle and his caution is not fearful. He is an enlightened man who unequivocally takes pride in his craft. Plastic Surgery is not a job for Dr Liew, it is a way of life and a means of helping people fulfil their life to its full potential.

“One thing you can do better than anyone else is be your own kind of beautiful.” – Dr Liew