Who is Dr Rohit Kumar?

Who is Dr Rohit Kumar?

We had the pleasure of visiting Dr Rohit Kumar, one of our Trusted Surgeons, at ‘SydneyCosmetic Sanctuary’. The clinic boasts a plastic surgeon, dental practice, Medispa (including all non-surgical procedures) and access to a stylist that helps patients with their wardrobe after life changing body transformations. Truly a holistic experience.


Talking about an experience. You must catch a lift to the first floor. When the doors slide open, its like you are transported to another world. Let’s just say, it’s not what you expect. The ambiance of the clinic oozes into the lift as the doors open. Its peaceful, tranquil and is more like a high end Medispa than just a Drs office. There is gentle music playing, beautiful girls behind the desk, smiling, waiting to greet you. There is a tea and coffee station with a selection to meet everyone’s needs and a décor to die for. Its no wonder Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary won Best Practice Design at last years My Face My Body awards and highly commended for Best Customer Experience under the plastic surgery division.

We didn’t get to meet the stylist as she was away on well deserved holidays, but we did get to meet Dr Nidhi Berera, the clinics Cosmetic Dentist. Dr Berera has worked with some of the best dentists in the industry and now brings all that knowledge and experience to the clinic (and its lucky customers). We also got a guided tour of the clinic and each room was more opulent than the next.


Both Nicole and I were in awe of the attention to detail in each of the rooms, all beautifully constructed by Dr Kumar himself. This brings together his vision of what a client expects and deserves when sourcing out treatments. Even the hallways have been carefully thought out and styled.


We did get to sit with Dr Kumar in his tastefully appointed consult room. His desk is made of glass to minimise the barrier between Dr and patient. As with most of our TrustedSurgeons, Dr Kumar was down to earth and humble. I especially loved his sense of community. The clinic gives back to the local community where they can. Part of that, was visiting local schools, talking more about the wellness and dentistry side of things. But it all counts. Its great when a surgeon uses his skills and expertise to help those less fortunate, like the people in Fiji.


Dr Kumar is planning a trip to Fiji later this year to perform reconstructive surgery and treat burn victims because of a promise he made to his father. His father supported Dr Kumar throughout his education and training, on the basis that Dr Kumar promised to give back to Fiji when he was able to. With a thriving practice, Dr Kumar is certainly able to give back by providing his expertise as a reconstructive plastic surgeon. He will be utilising his surgical skills to treat burn victims and provide them with a service that that would normally not have access to, all with the assistance of Rotary. He says that there is lots of planning and negotiating with companies to get equipment and supplies. This is all being planned and executed in and amongst his already busy lifestyle. The biggest problem is that everything needs to be done on Fiji time. Just to get approval to perform the work was a 4-month process, not because of red tape but rather just to get someone to sign off back in Fiji. They will be using a local film crew (to further support the local communities in Fiji) to capture the great work being done. Even though this is a long and slow process, Dr Kumar is determined to fulfil his promise to his dad. I found this so inspiring.


Dr Kumar offers many procedures including the ever-popular breast augmentations and mummy makeovers but, covers all breast surgery, body surgery, face surgery as well as reconstructive and hand surgery. Dr Kumar works with other surgeons to help people rebuild their lives after lifesaving cancer surgery (such as double breast mastectomies). It’s not always just about aesthetics, its often a matter of functionality and giving people back a better quality of life. There is certainly a wholistic approach to everything that is offered at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary. Feel free to call one of the friendly staff on 1300 267 726 for more information about all the services they provide.

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