Who is Dr Tessa?

Who is Dr Tessa?

Well, when you type into google ‘Dr Tessa’, the fourth intuitive option is Dr Tessa Kaminski, telling us Google knows who Dr Tessa is. I first learned of Dr Tessa at Cosmetex 2016. Dr Tessa was by far the most radiant and striking of women. This is a huge statement, for those who do not attend aesthetic conferences, OMG, they ooze beautiful women. I generally prepare my outfits, accessories, makeup and so on for days before the conferences. I pre-book my botox, peels, hair and so on, weeks in advance, yet I always feel in awe of the injectors and rather small. The aesthetic conferences are filled with amazing people who all happen to be aesthetically beautiful. What makes Dr Tessa stand out is her smile, she is always smiling, always friendly and spreads her kindness. Even to the pushiest sales person you’ll see Dr Tessa being considerate and sharing her time.

Dr Tessa recently attended the Non-Surgical Symposium where she stunned and impressed 700 plus guests at the Gala Dinner. Goodness knows how nervous she must have been, the guests included the presidents of our leading plastic surgery organisations, international guest speakers, specialist plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, dermatologists, injectors, dermal therapists, practice managers, sponsors, exhibitors, and honoured guests. Dr Tessa in all her grace performed from the ceiling, a mesmerising aerialist act using silks. I overheard a plastic surgeon at our table stating the “required core strength and flexibility is incredible”. Made me chuckle, in his serious and diagnostic tone he was glued and certainly impressed.

As we all can appreciate, studying medicine is hard work, some would say even harder for women. Many do not make it or must build resilience to cope. The gruelling hours, sometimes remote placements and all with very little appreciation and support. Whilst studying theology at Fremantle’s University of Notre Dame, Dr Tessa began going to a circus school across the road between lectures ( Dr Tessa let her steam off and found another way she could make people smile.

Dr Tessa is not only creative but has earned a well-respected reputation within aesthetic medicine. Dr Tessa is a member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, she has national and international experience in aesthetic medicine and regularly attends conferences within Australia and around the world. Dr Tessa is passionate about her craft and maintaining her ongoing education. This devotion to learn latest techniques and insight from others keeps her at the top. Dr Tessa’s patients are treated individually with care, precision, and the art of enhancing one’s natural beauty which has taken many years to master. What is refreshing is Dr Tessa does not ‘toot her own horn’. Dr Tessa works with her patients, colleagues and is always open to listen. She is somewhat quiet, although most certainly the life of the party.

Having injectables can be dangerous with 9 people having lost their vision between 2012-2015. We have all seen duck lips and the hundreds of lip fillers gone wrong. Then there’s botox, leaving you looking like Spock from Star Trek and cheek filler, leaving one looking like a cabbage patch doll. Aesthetic medicine is not a simple learnt skill. It takes much more to have the eye to examine a patient’s symmetry, structure, features, and flaws. Having an artistic eye and exact precision is imperative. The smallest amount of filler in the wrong spot and create disharmony. Picasso taught many, but there was only ever one Picasso. Dr Tessa’s attention to detail, beauty and loveable nature is certainly one in a million.

We cannot stop here! Dr Tessa’s performing, lead her to perform at none other than the Playboy Mansion! Am I the only one wondering why this woman does not walk around thinking she is better than everyone around her. I think I would have put myself on a pedestal by now. But that is not the case with Dr Tessa, she is humble, talks to everyone, and attends church every Sunday. It’s simply not in her DNA to put herself above anyone. You find Dr Tessa at Variety nights raising money for children, abseiling down the QV1 building again raising money for children. Being adored by her paediatric patients at Joondanna Medical Centre. Being part of ‘Cat Walk for a Cause 2017’ raising money and awareness of gastric cancer.

Dr Tessa breaks all the conventional stereotypes. Dr Tessa is the furthest from superficial doctors and in a superficial industry, always remains true to herself. Dr Tessa’s amazing aura is shared with all who have the privilege of encountering her presence and practice. As doctor Tessa promoted on Instagram, along with a handmade thank you card from one of her patients, “The reason I love my job”. She also added the quote:

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” Frederick Douglass.

So apart from Dr Tessa being a marvellous Doctor treating us all, she is a performer taking our minds off our troubles and entertaining us. She is the perfect role model and inspiration. Yet when I met Dr Tessa and told her I had 4 children and am only a nurse, she in turn made me feel somewhat amazing. Within seconds she was praising me, astonished I had 4 children, was at a conference educating myself, and starting my own business. In my mind I said yes, you are right, I am amazing. Despite her incredible beauty, I felt special. I felt on equal par and went into the weekend felling amazing. That’s the true beauty of Dr Tessa, she is as pure and generous as people come. Dr Tessa combines art and science to weave her craft. This has led to her being one of the most admirable and professional women in medicine.

Dr Tessa at the Non-Surgical Symposium 2017

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