Wrapping up the 2017 Non Surgical Symposium

Wrapping up the 2017 Non Surgical Symposium

It’s a wrap for the 2017 Non-Surgical Symposium!

As we expected, day two of the non-surgical symposium was a massive day. The exhibition hall was like Disneyland. I wanted to spend time at every booth but it certainly was a challenge. The exhibitors went beyond in creating uniquely designed and interactive booths. I was like a child in a candy store, looking in amazement, touching, smelling, and sampling all the innovative products. The technology was equally as impressive. It was a great opportunity to learn about the latest non-surgical options and how they can improve both patient results and clinic ROI. In my excitement, I spotted Dr Southwick and in true style when shaking his hand spilt coffee all over him, argh. On a positive I ran into an idol Suzie from Clear Complexions.

The presentations went quickly and the effort of the speakers was impressive. It was very apparent the speakers were not only experts but humble. My day started at the Allergan breakfast, learning about Belkyra from the expert himself, Dr Steven Fagien. Dr Fagien was transparent, acknowledged those who were also amongst the study and FDA approval. I later referred to Dr Fagien as Dr Belkyra and went on showing him my before and after images. The obvious, great take home message, was the benefits and results without the hassle of having to undergo surgery. What I believe most people appreciated was, even though Belkyra is a non-surgical procedure, patient education and comfort needed to be communicated effectively. Dr Faigien stated that “Patients always see what you haven’t done – not always what you have done”. He was clear that the biological response amongst different people is different, so set clear patient expectations. Common side effects should be expected and no invasive procedure comes without an inflammatory response (bruising, swelling, pain). A common theme we were seeing throughout the talks was that treatment needed to be tailored individually to each patient. In this case, some patients may require 3-4 treatments and some may only require one.

The international speakers equally, did not lack charisma or passion. The passion and devotion to their profession and patients was nothing short of admirable. Dr Julius Few was a fantastic presenter, dancer and exceptionally down to earth. I felt comfortable chatting with him and honoured he took the time to say hello whenever we crossed paths. I am so fortunate to have met him and am now a loyal groupie. My next idol was Dr Gabriela Casabona, a Brazilian bombshell, a mother of four, smart and filled with passion to educate and share her knowledge. Dr Casabona has a love of algorithms and shared everything she had learnt on customising the use of toxins, including transgressions. Sharing her knowledge and experience was extremely beneficial for the delegates wanting to learn. It’s so much easier, learning from the mistakes of others than your own. Dr Casabona was captivating and inspiring. I did think to myself, I would love to be her patient.

The fun did not stop and continued into the evening. As I stepped onto the bus, waiting to depart to the much-anticipated Gala dinner, I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully dressed everyone was. The anticipation was building. The Production House team certainly added a WOW factor to the evening. There were Espresso martinis on arrival, creative canapés, and amazing performers. The skyline in the distance across the racecourse was impressive, there was even a horse on parade that you could say hello to, fitting into the venue location. The night started in true glitz and glamour with a winter wonderland theme. Once seated, attendees were mesmerised by the amazing Dr Tessa performing in front of all 700 people. This truly exemplified the amazing art of aerial yoga and talent of Dr Tessa. The atmosphere was electric. The night continued to get better and better. From the food to the dancing. It was so much fun seeing the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and their partners all letting their hair down and having a great time. Everyone was on a first name basis and we were reminded several times, “what happens on conference stays on conference”. I thoroughly enjoyed getting a selfie with all my favourite surgeons.

I spent much of my time at the table explaining the various complications of breast augmentation and what biofilm is. I proceeded to drink too much and got a bit too relaxed, in the atmosphere. Dr Naveen Somia was a gem chatting to me about his family’s farming background, work for interplast and even telling me that he was one of Professor Ashton registrars. I even met one of Dr Naveen’s registrars who could not speak highly enough of him. Dr Naveen is the Vice President of ASAPS and loyal supporter of the industry and his colleagues. Dr Naveen trains registrars at Randwick Children’s Hospital as well as being a Senior Lecturer. However, you would not know this when speaking to him, he is friendly, calming, and quiet.

I can say, I haven't laughed, danced, and drank so much in a night since child number 1. With my 4 children, back in Sydney, I certainly was spoiled. The Gala evening was a fashionable event, but if we had to crown the best dressed Aphrodite and Adonis in theme with Dr Ogilvie’s presentation. Dr Scamp’s wife was truly Aphrodite. The most amazing elegant and flattering dress. For the men, Dr Layt as Adonis did not disappoint, he ditched his gorgeous leather jackets and wore a very trendy crisp shirt with amazing buttons and patterns, matched with a contrasting blue suit.

On the final day of the conference, when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Production House had Berrocca ready and waiting on arrival (thank goodness). I was determined to survive the remaining presentations, especially with the live panels and talks from the talented Professor Ashton and Dr Liew.

The live panels were great and educational. Everyone does things slightly different. So, by bringing several experts together to discuss difficult treatments, it was an amazing way to learn and develop technique for the aspiring aesthetician. Some of the cases involved utilising fillers and toxins. Whilst others were about cases using lasers. The international panel could discuss openly and in collaboration with each other. The audience was free to question or comment on all topics covered.

Professor Ashton did not disappoint, he explained complex content in the simplest way.He truly could not have articulated his research more beautifully. Dr Tim Papadopoulos said he “knocked it out of the park” and he certainly did. This reminded me of an Einstein quote “If you can’t explain simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. Well, the vascular system is far beyond me but Prof. Ashton’s presentation made perfect sense. I did think, my goodness, the students who are taught by Dr Ashton are certainly very lucky.

Dr Liew was equally as engaging, with his soft and gentle tone. It astonishes me these truly leading intellectuals have no ego, are extremely humble and share both their mistakes and triumphs. This was the second time I had the pleasure of watching Dr Liew present and I just loved his passion for anatomy, patient safety and his exceptional knowledge of non-surgical options. Considering Dr Liew is a Plastic Surgeon, one would assume he would push patients for a facelift. This was not the case at all. Dr Liew spoke about prevention and slowing down the aging process. It is no surprise Dr Liew is behind the Complete Face app, which is utilised by nurse injectors, doctors, and surgeons nationally.

The final talk was given by the impeccably dressed Dr Casabona, certainly planned well to keep the audience captivated right until the end.

The sold out NSS ended on a high note with Dr Papadopoulos stating, “this has been the best event ever”, and no doubt will be sold out again next year. From the event app, to the social events and presenters, the weekend was one to remember. We eventually made it around to every stand, and struggled to come up with our top 5! We did look at three things; The product, the stand, and the innovation. After much testing and deliberating the top 5 we loved were;

    1.The Wellness Bar, Osmosis + Wellbeing

    The energized H2O with vibrational properties was a huge hit, along with supplements, skincare, and makeup. Osmosis covered all your skincare needs from both inside and out. I had so much fun at this stand, the design was impeccable. Anthea was funny, beautiful and her product knowledge was as impressive as the stand itself.

    2.YANA, daily collagen shots – The path to radiant skin

    The unique fusion of ancient wisdom, culture, and innovative technology. A daily dose of collagen will assist those deprived of a collagen rich diet and in turn leave you with beautiful skin. This stand and the staff reflected ancient glamour and gold. Loved the collagen shot too!

    3.Cynosure – Love a proven performer for skin revitalisation

    The PicoSure uniquely revitalises the skin through Laser Induced Optical Breakdowns (LIOBs). The Cynosure stand displayed the first PICO which was creatively designed by an acclaimed indigenous elder. The staff were inundated with delegates and it was no surprise given their friendly nature.

    4.Jane Iredale – One simple idea can transform skin

    A beautiful range of skincare and makeup without the irritants of other products. If you have invasive skin care treatments this is certainly the range you want. The day after a peel, laser or derma stamp Jane Iredale has you covered (mind the pun).

    5.Derma Energy – The millennial range

    With a handsome model to greet you, this stand certainly knew the conference was filled with females. I loved the mean and clean, solution for pollution and hydrate and inflate. Their concept, you are never too early to protect your skin in a country like ours, hit the nail on the head! The marketing and packaging was certainly innovating and impressive. Great job to the team, I predict the social media reach will be impressive if they remain loyal to their branding.

Apologies for the long post but so much to include, a sensational event. Credit to Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in conjunction with; the Australasian Society for Cosmetic Dermatologists and the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia. Production House are certainly event organisers to be proud of. Be sure to book early for 2018, as next year will book out in a blink!

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