A Personal Approach
to a Personal Journey

Trusted Surgeons cosmedic coaching has been developed to guide and support the most disconcerting patients who require the very best tailored care.

Utilising our resources, we have handpicked Australia's most talented, skilled and experienced surgeons. The surgeons we refer our patients to are of the highest calibre.

Your body is your temple, your surgeon is both your architect and sculpture, a specialist in the procedure you desire. Through our discreet referral coaching service we ensure you are prepared for your initial consultation, matched with the most appropriate surgeon and achieve the result you desire.

The benefit to choosing a cosmedic coach is minimise the risks whilst keeping abreast of the possible complications. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth journey and reduce the potential for future revisions. Revision surgery is difficult, more complex and most often more expensive. However, a highly skilled surgeon will decrease this risk and support you should complications arise.

Better educated patients before surgery = better outcomes after surgery.

Qualified Surgeons are the only surgeons we refer to with no incentives or monetary gain (they do not have to be listed on our site to be suitable and exceptional surgeons), most often we confirm the surgeon is who he says he/she is i.e FRACS (Plastic).

Cosmedic Mentoring will;

  • Clarify all the myths and misperceptions
  • Guidance and peace of mind
  • Facilitate a smooth journey and decrease potential risks
  • Give you direction as to where to go and why
  • Provide you answers and questions so as you are prepared for your consult
  • Not rely on fake reviews and photoshopped before and after photos
  • Support your aesthetic goals
  • Save you time in research and money (cutting out unqualified surgeons significantly reduces your research)
  • Recommend on-going options and products to support your recovery
  • Should a complication arise you have an advocate to support you
  • Confidentiality and Discretion is assured


OUR TOP 3 Goals of Mentoring are;

  1. Your Safety, not all clinics are of the same standard and surgeons are not equally qualified or trained. If we can prevent consumers choosing an unqualified surgeon, we are ultimately protecting the health of everyday Australians.
  2. Your emotional well-being, we guarantee to support and guide you with empathy and consideration. We do not have any financial interest or gain in helping patients.
  3. Educate, your surgeon will work with you to create a surgical plan and is the only true expert. Ensuring you know what is involved and that you have a trusted surgeon (qualified) is imperative. There will be no need to spend time on forums, social media and seeking the advice of others. You are unique and your procedure is tailored to you. We encourage consumers to speak to their GP, research the peak bodies: ASAPS, ASPS and have more then one consultation.
Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Not recognised by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority)
  • No benchmark of training
  • No formal recognised training
  • No professional body recognised by the Australian Medical Board
  • Varying degrees of Medical training
  • Can be a newly graduated medical student
Specialist Plastic Surgeon
  • A Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
  • Must have completed a "Speciality" program
  • FRACS (Plastic) at end of name
  • Member of a professional recognised body
  • Adheres to a strict code of ethics
  • Has 12+ years of surgical training
  • ASAPS members are committed to "Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery"
  • ASPS members encompass: Reconstructive, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

Consultation is not a substitute for medical advice. We do not give any medical advice.

Any medical or psychological counselling is referred by your GP and should be given directly to your surgeon or the practice of the surgeon you intend to see.
* We are not associated with any medical offices or providers and do not accept monetary compensation for our referrals.

* We have no affiliation with any professional bodies, we do not represent the surgeons, we represent and help advocate for patients.

*We do not recommend a specific surgeon. All members of Trusted Surgeons are treated equal regardless of membership.