Frequently Asked Surgical Questions

Trusted Surgeons FAQ

Who am I being offered support by?

Only registered practitioners with a medical background work with trusted surgeons. Trusted Surgeons is a resource and education platform. Specific advice should only come from a surgeon.

Are there any special offers or discounts available?

We do not receive any financial gain from surgeons for our mentoring service. We cannot assist in gaining discounted surgery.

What happens if I have already had surgery and I am not happy with my results?

We have seen it all, nothing will surprise us. We cannot offer legal advice but we can guide you in the right direction by way of reconstructive surgeons. We know of the most qualified surgeons with extensive experience in corrective procedures. If the therapeutic relationship has completely dissipated with your original surgeon we can help you choose your future corrective surgeon.

Our trusted sources of information;

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Australian Breast Device Registry

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Cancer Network Australia

Pink Hope

Gender Centre

Australia Counselling

Search for a Counsellor

Safety in Beauty

Australian Medical Board

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Australasian Society of Plastic Surgeons – Patient Safety

Trusted Surgeons step-by-step journey to help you navigate through the all the information and decide what is important to you. The journey is only a guide and in no way medical advice, your surgeon is the expert. Any specific questions should be directed to your surgeon.

We do not coach patients under the age of 18 years. We recommend waiting until 18 years old to undergo an enhancement or corrective procedure. We will support parents in their quest to facilitating confidence and happiness for their tween or teen. We would also recommend multiple consultations if you are considering surgery at a young age.

We recommend you wait a minimum of 3 months and ideally 6 months before considering surgery whilst breast feeding. We do not coach lactating mothers as we do not want you to be misled or to undergo surgery prematurely. Nicole breastfeed 4 children and knows firsthand how it feels to be restricted and feel self-conscious. We do however know an amazing nutritional coach who can assist you to reach your goals. When you are at your ideal goal weight and not breastfeeding we will guide you to your trusted surgeon.

This is part of everyday life and nothing new. You simply wear your granny nickers and a pad. Your surgical team will not batter an eyelid. However, the nurses will know and it is important to not risk toxic shock syndrome by having a tampon inserted too long. If you wake up in recovery very groggy you may forget and hours could pass without anyone realising, you have a tampon in.

Fake nails, gel nails and shellac all prevent the Pulse Oximeter Reading a.k.a Oxygen Saturation. The surgical team want to know your safe and well throughout the procedure. Knowing your oxygen level in your blood is important. This can be taken from the ear lobe or toe; however, no one wants cords over a sterile field. A surgical environment is very clean, organised and routine. Special allowances are not made because of nails.

Metal is also not recommending where possible. Tongue rings can become loose and cause an obstruction, rings can contaminate a clean field and if swelling occurs the piercing can become imbedded or infected. Dermal piercings are covered and any removable jewellery should be removed prior to your arrival at hospital.

If you choose a clinic interstate, the clinic should offer advice on local accommodation.

If we are organising a trip we are going to make the most of your time. We always recommend a minimum of 3 weeks.

Week 1; First stop is your consultation, followed by a week of sightseeing and exploring. If you need multiple consultations or a follow-up consult this is an option.

Week 2; Your surgery and recovery

Week 3; Recover, pamper and return for your post-operative check-up with your surgeon.

We do not recommend drinking or smoking pre or post-surgery. Therefore, a big night out on the town would be a separate trip with the all your girlfriends.

Yes, if you wish to travel with your sister or girlfriend so as you can share your surgical experience, we will support you both and arrange everything.

Not if you are waiting at least two weeks’ post-surgery. Within 48hrs we would not recommend you fly and you would require a letter from your surgeon. This is up to the surgeon’s discretion. The surgeon is not obligated to provide a letter. Be mindful you allow the required time to recover and double check with your surgeon if you are unsure.

No, this is an elective surgery. If you are not confident and content flying, you may be required to stay grounded until medical permission is granted. We would not recommend you request an upgrade, unless you plan on paying the difference in fares.