Frequently Asked Surgical Questions

Trusted Surgeons FAQ

Who am I being offered support by?

Only registered practitioners with a medical background work with trusted surgeons. Trusted Surgeons is a resource and education platform. Specific advice should only come from a surgeon.

Are there any special offers or discounts available?

We do not receive any financial gain from surgeons for our mentoring service. We cannot assist in gaining discounted surgery.

What happens if I have already had surgery and I am not happy with my results?

We have seen it all, nothing will surprise us. We cannot offer legal advice but we can guide you in the right direction by way of reconstructive surgeons. We know of the most qualified surgeons with extensive experience in corrective procedures. If the therapeutic relationship has completely dissipated with your original surgeon we can help you choose your future corrective surgeon.

Our trusted sources of information;

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Australian Breast Device Registry

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Cancer Network Australia

Pink Hope

Gender Centre

Australia Counselling

Search for a Counsellor

Safety in Beauty

Australian Medical Board

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Australasian Society of Plastic Surgeons – Patient Safety

Trusted Surgeons step-by-step journey to help you navigate through the all the information and decide what is important to you. The journey is only a guide and in no way medical advice, your surgeon is the expert. Any specific questions should be directed to your surgeon.

No, given you recently had surgery we would always recommend paying extra to check-in your baggage. Especially if you are taking pain relief, the less you have to carry the better.

All surgery comes with risks. As women we all have responsibilities to our families, work and network. Weather we have children, pets or high maintained men, the world simply can’t go on without us. Surgery does have risks, by staying within Australia and choosing a trusted surgeon you are minimising the associated risks. We do not want you to go into surgery blind, your surgeon will explain all of the risks and assumptions.