A Personal Approach to a Personal Journey

Trusted Surgeons cosmedic coaching has been developed to guide and support the most disconcerting patients who require the very best tailored care.

Your body is your temple, your surgeon is both your architect and sculpture, a specialist in the procedure you desire. Through our discreet referral coaching service we ensure you are prepared for your initial consultation, matched with the most appropriate surgeon and achieve the result you desire.

The benefit to choosing a cosmedic coach is keeping abreast of all your options. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth journey and reduce the potential choosing an unqualified surgeon. Revision surgery is difficult, more complex and most often more expensive. However, a highly skilled surgeon will decrease this risk and support you should complications arise.

Without judgement support you in fulfilling your aesthetic goals.

Better educated patients before surgery = better outcomes after surgery.

Less litigation. A lot of patients either do not understand or do not retain information that is given to them and surgeon or cosmetic consultant may not be the best person to facilitate this within a limited consultation timeframe.

These are the only surgeons we refer to with no incentives or monetary gain. This service is FREE.

We have seen it all, nothing will surprise us. We cannot offer legal advice but we can guide you in the right direction by way of reconstructive surgeons. We know of the most qualified surgeons with extensive experience in corrective procedures. If the therapeutic relationship has completely dissipated with your original surgeon we can help you choose your future corrective surgeon.

Unfortunately to enable us to provide an ethical platform, we do not promote monetary incentives for surgery. Booking surgery should be taken seriously, not rushed due to a marketing "call to action" or limited time only "discount".

We do not allow surgeons to advertise incentives.

Only registered practitioners with a medical background work with trusted surgeons and coaching. The Trusted Surgeons Nurses have experience in the cosmetic and plastic surgery field and are both respected nurses with a passion for patient satisfaction. Please visit the about us section.

Our selective group of surgeons have been chosen by location and specialty, we do not rank surgeons. Trusted Surgeons are ethical, possess integrity, devotion to patient care and best practice. We do not advertise these surgeons and do not receive any financial remuneration. We are both honoured and privileged to offer you the best possible surgeon within your chosen location. We always encourage more then one consultation so as you pick who you feel most comfortable with. A referral is simply a guide.

NO. This is why we recommend multiple consultations and taking your time.

NO. We do not offer medical advice without the clear and direct guidance of your surgeon. Keeping in mind your surgeon is the only true expert. We will refer you back to your surgeon. We will certainly liaise on your behalf if you are not comfortable or assist in any way we can. Emotional support is our specialty and we are always willing to listen.