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Sorting out your budget or borrowing options

Surgery can be costly, although you're worth every cent.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” - Warren Buffett

Budgeting and finance for plastic and/or cosmetic surgery is something to consider prior to rushing into surgery. Many surgeons do not advertise their pricing, this should not be a deterrent. In fact surgery promoted by a cheap price point is a red flag and should set alarm bells ringing. A highly skilled surgeon attracts patients on their results, consistency, and reputation. A clinic or company pushing a low price or "special offers" are attracting clients motivated by price point.

Surgery prices range depending on your procedure and your chosen surgeon. It is imperative that you can afford your surgery, and be prepared for any additional outcomes you didn’t foresee.

Medicare and Private health fund rebates also vary and your surgeon and the clinic staff will be able to assist you with this. You will need to find out if your procedure meet the criteria to allow you to claim a rebate.

It is always wiser to have your surgery within Australia. If a complication does arise, you are at home, in a high-quality healthcare system with access to your surgeon. Your safety is paramount and held above all else.

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