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Knowledge is power!

Make sure you’re aware of what your procedure entails. Know all the risks, complications, side effects and outcomes, as well as any after care that is required for your surgery. With comprehensive research, you can identify anything you are unsure of and need to ask your surgeon about. It is important that you feel confident and prepared for your initial consult with your surgeon.

Many common reasons include self-confidence, to be more appealing, discomfort or to get back a pre-baby body. Other reasons include pleasing someone else, shame, self-obsession or to be someone else. It is vital that you identify what you want to achieve from your surgery.

As part of the Australian Medical Board Guidelines, it is imperative you receive a referral from your regular GP and/or psychologist to ensure you are a suitable candidate for surgery. Should a body altering surgery not be in your best interest, or won’t achieve your desired outcome, your surgeon may refer you for further counselling. It is crucial that your surgery facilities your confidence and quality of life.

Surgeons rely on evidence based research, studies, trials and retrospective data. Reading reviews, testimonials and Wikipedia does not quantify as research. However, the internet can help you ascertain the questions you want to ask. Keeping in mind your surgeon is the expert not the internet. We have listed some important considerations below, It is important that you feel confident and prepared for your initial consultation with your surgeon.

Considerations when choosing a Surgeon;

Surgeon's Credentials; Ensure your surgeon has completed a comprehensive training program and is a member of a governing body. Has completed at least 5 years of surgical training with a minimum of two years in plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery.

Operates only in accredited medical facilities.

Surgeons experience in the procedure you want

Adheres to a strict code of ethics.

Fulfills continuing medical education requirements.

Surgeons aesthetics (personal view)

Your emotional connection with the surgeon

Safety and the operating facility

Clinic staff and customer service

Top 10 important go to questions for your Consultation;

(Remember a Trusted Surgeons has studied in Plastic Surgery, if your surgeon is not listed, remember to ask; Are you a board certified surgeon? and did you studied in the speciality of Plastic surgery?).

1. How frequently do you perform the procedure/s I am interested in?

2. Do you have a portfolio? are the results consistent?

3. Do you operate in licensed facilities and is there a health fund rebate?

4. type of anaesthesia will I receive, and who will provide my anaesthesia?

5. What will my recovery be like?

6. How much will my procedure cost?

7. Is the follow-up care included in the cost?

8. What happens if there is a complication?

9. Will I have scarring?

10. Ask yourself; Do I feel comfortable with this surgeon? Always trust your instincts.

Travelling interstate for surgery?

If you live in the beautiful remote or rural Australia having surgery can be very daunting. For some patients living outside of the major cities it is still an arduous task to get to and from a clinic, hospital or day surgery facility. For international travellers wanting a nip or tuck, Australia has some of the world’s best surgeons. Travelling to Australia is a great option for a discrete procedure and holiday.

Trusted Surgeons strongly discourage consumers from considering having discounted surgery locally or overseas. Below is a list of resources with valuable information on medical travel. We have included some articles which highlight the risks of medical tourism.

Within Australia we have highly skilled and talented Plastic surgeons who operate in only accredited facilities. The cost of maintaining high standards and best practice is not something to be over looked. For this reason, we encourage Australian patients to travel within Australia. Consumers abroad can package a holiday, consultation/s, procedure and post-operative check-up/s.

If you have completed your research are you are still unsure, you can contact your us for support and guidance. We will discuss your needs and the surgeons who specialise in your desired procedure with you, without giving you any medical advice or judgement. Finding a surgeon shouldn't be hard work and with Trusted Surgeons the hard work is done so you can focus on which surgeon you feel most comfortable with.

Useful Resources;

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons – Medical Checklist

World Health Organisation Bulletin – Medical Tourism

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons – Medical Tourism

British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

American Society of Plastic Surgery - The Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

TIME – The Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

Another article of benefit is from CHOICE

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