Step 6

Post-Op Prepping


Post-Op Prepping

This is the time your date is locked in and it's make or break, either you give into your fears or face them head on.

Prior to surgery your surgeon may wish for you to cease certain medications, this does not exclude vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Be sure to check with the clinic what you can, or cannot have.

Preparing for surgery is exciting as this is when the reality of your surgery sinks in. Although this can be a daunting process for some. Often patients feel an array of emotions throughout their surgical journey. This process is quite normal and often referred to as the “Post op blues”, although rest assured this is due to a combination of the medication and stress.

Generally, the roller-coaster consists of;

Consult; excitement of what could be a reality

Pre – Surgery; nervous, anxiety and doubt - the what if all goes wrong stage

Post op day of surgery; Knocked out - on drugs don't care just want comfort and to recover

One week post op; Wows - I'm amazing that was easy stage

Three weeks’ post op; Down and out – I’m not healing quick enough, is that it? Was it worth it? Guilt stage

Six weeks’ post op; The only way is up! - getting better YAY feeling great.

Twelve weeks’ post op; What’s next – ready to take on the world.

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