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?Is the Plastic Surgery Industry driven by Social Media?

?Is the Plastic Surgery Industry driven by Social Media?

It is not a secret Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is competitive, no lucrative market isn’t. But what is it that separates the highly successful clinics from the comfortable clinics vs the struggling. It’s our mission to bring the industry into the spotlight.

Social Media is not going anywhere and if you don’t catch up you will be left behind. 2.5 billion active users, 79% of Aussies are on social media and only 47% of small business. Even though big businesses are more likely to have a social strategy they are still only at 60%. Basically you can have the best surgeon, equipment or special but if no one knows about it, you are not achieving ROI. You can run T.V ads, articles in magazines and sponsor every local sports team, you will get exposure but still no great ROI. Communicating with your target audience is the smartest, most cost effective and measurable way to achieve great ROI.

This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been in a successful clinic and a struggling and I follow the market leaders, analysing what they do well and sometimes not so well. I’ve completed inbound marketing course, social course and attend far too many webinars and seminars.

Here is some insight into what I have discovered!

Many surgeons view social media as trivialising surgery; selling snake oil and not upholding a superior code of conduct. Some of the comments I have heard;

“I was a general surgeon, then specialist plastic, I have over 20 years’ experience and only specialise in rhinoplasty. But these young ones go to the guy who takes all the selfies”

“I’m not going to parade around; my target market is not on social media”

“My clients like privacy” one week later this clinic did a selfie campaign …..

“Facebook is dying”

“All my work is from referral”

“Social media hasn’t hit WA like it has in Sydney”

It would seem the Specialist Plastic Surgeon community does not need to be online or have a social presence? Yet we have leading clinics like; Dr Miroshnik' in Bondi Junction; #DrM #drmiroshnik #drmiroshnikpatients #drmgirl #breastmaster #masteredbydrm #trustindrmiroshnik @boobsbydrm @tummybydrm. There is a patient owned and run website and private facebook group boobsbydrm. Using any of the hashtags on Instagram or facebook will find you hundreds if not thousands of patient journeys, quotes, memes, pics and inspiration. Does Dr Miroshnik need this, I think not with an average six month waiting list. So why? Why support all the online platforms, why does Dr M like all the other surgeons posts and why does he maintain a great online presence? For his patients, for the industry and because his purpose is greater than himself. The community of patients empower, inspire, and motivate each other. At this rate, there will be a Dr MGirl revolution!

The haters will hate but the reality is one man can only operate on everyone people. The master himself cannot physically saturate the entire market, but he can lead the way. His presence has lifted an industry in social darkness. Leading the way for others who can see past the criticisms of utilising social media, if not as a method to generate leads but as a tool to educate, empower and above all communicate. Social Media is not simply a popularity contest, it is an extension of your clinic. If your only method of communicating is within a consult, you are going to be left behind. A few facts from the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report; 8/10 people use social media (up 10 points from last year). Facebook is still number 1 at 94%, with Instagram at 46% and 15-point jump from last year. So is your demographic on social media, yes. To add to this Almost a quarter (24%) of people use social media to follow brands or businesses, and this is even higher among females (27% vs 21%) and those aged 30-39 (41%). To add to the success of Trusted Surgeons; Almost two thirds of consumers (64%) will be more likely to trust a brand if interacts with consumers in a positive way on social media. This is up 12 points this year.

Is it simple to set-up a facebook and Instagram, absolutely! It will literally take you minutes. Then comes the fun part, you need to represent your brand as you would your consult rooms. Your pages are a direct reflection of your clinic, attention to detail, ethos, values, and business. A thriving clinic does not run campaign after campaign to boost followers. The opposite the followers come from within the clinic, the clinic nurtures their cliental and the cliental sell their clinic for them. There is an exclusivity about being part of the clinic and a desire to not miss a promotion or live post.

Are we selling social media, definitely not. Great social media is authentic, genuine, and sincere. Outsourcing social media ongoing is not authentic and becomes on-way communication. When your page is all about you, your reach decreases. Making your page a two-way platform, personal and engaging breaks down barriers. Your clients feel as though they know you personally, their loyalty increase’s and they are your greatest cheerleaders.

We utilise our reach to cross promote with clinics, this is mutually beneficial. When a featured post goes out and is boosted. We guarantee a reach number, we have a click through and we measure; Reach= brand awareness, Engagements = genuine interest in surgeon, Click through = how many people clicked to either the Facebook page of the surgeon or the surgeon/clinic trusted surgeon profile (this does vary dependent on goal). Creating alliances with influences is of more value than any other traditional form of marketing. We have learnt this and you will too. The industry itself can promote each other, saturate the online space and Specialist Plastic Surgeons will dominate patient education whilst facilitating safer patient choices.

Skill + Talent + Social = Success!