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The Cooltech Advantage

The Cooltech Advantage

We were first introduced to Cooltech at the Annual Laser Conference at the Hunter valley. I was a model for the presentation on the Cooltech machine. I can say the treatment was so pleasant I fell asleep. The results were obvious within weeks.

Alfie and I had the opportunity to learn more about Cooltech, so with bells on we attended the Cooltech advanced training information night. The night started with warm greetings at the door after which we were ushered to an array of scrumptious food. This was just what we needed on a chilly Sydney night. This was followed by bubbles (champagne) and we were set for a great evening. We had a chance to chat to the Cooltech team and have a look around the head office. The head office was at a perfect location, close to the airport, central and walking distance to The Grounds of Alexandria (If you haven’t been there, you should add it to your list of things to do).

Juan Antonio Bautista kicked off the evening with some great history about the Cooltech company which was founded in Barcelona in 2010. Cooltech has 7500 devices around the world in over 40 countries. With a business model based on safety, results, and price. Every new technology is tested across 11 Cooltech clinics throughout Barcelona before being exported to the rest of the world.

Currently Cooltech is taking Australia by storm, and here is why!

The Cooltech device can utilise 2 hand pieces simultaneously, has 6 full body hand pieces and oval piece. The system operates on “smart suction” meaning it minimises “pop offs” which is when the suction pops off your treatment area. Even if you do get a pop off, you have not lost a cycle. The system does not have a cycle system in which you “pay per use” with highly price virtual consumables. The system allows you to accurately measure and control the environment and tailor to suit the area being treated. Best of all for the clinicians, the technology is intuitive and easy to use. For patients, it is a treatment which will “make your dreams come true”. This sounds like a fairy-tale or something Disney has created but it’s true. When you have a stubborn area of fat which simply won’t budge, the struggle is real. No matter how hard you train or diet, you cannot control how your fat is distributed. If we could, I would be requesting all fat migrate to my breast and booty.

The men were not forgotten about as Mrs Moncrieff described how the treatment works for pseudogynecomasty including the process using Dr Moncrieff as a guinea pig. Mrs Moncrieff certainly added an element of humour and insight. We were most enthralled by Mrs Moncrieff willingness to share her lessons on all aspects of introducing Cooltech into the clinic. We could not help but be warmed by how honest and forthcoming she was. The clinic ROI and results to patients are imperative. Mrs Moncrieff explained how her clinic achieves great results for both the practice and patient. The icing on the cake was Hunter Plastic Surgery offer a money back guarantee. Apart from the great insight and refreshing take from a clinic prospective, Mrs Moncrieff was a hit and Cryomed are certainly lucky to have such an intelligent and capable Brand Ambassador. We love how animated Mrs Moncrieff is and have stolen a couple of her lines, “not saying I’m all that and a bag of chips” and “This isn’t my first rodeo”. If Mrs Moncrieff had us laughing during a product presentation, imagine how fun night out on the town would be. Luckily, we can be true stalkers and tune into ‘In bed with the Moncrieff’s’ on Sunday evenings and follow Hunter Plastic Surgery on Facebook and Instagram.

As we all know, summer bodies are made in winter. There is no quick fix, so now is the time to book in for an obligation free consultation. For clinics looking for a great return on investment, don’t look past Cryomed’s Cooltech.