Tubular breasts is a malformation from birth, however does not become noticeable until puberty. Tubular breasts are often small, and narrow from the chest wall which causes the tube like shape. The other indication of tubular breast is the placement of the areola/nipple in the middle bottom of the breast opposed to the tip of the breast.

Men and women with tubular breasts choose to undergo surgery for predominately aesthetic reasons. Tubular breasts often make people feel self-conscious, suffer socially and have negative psychological effects.

To correct tubular breasts, several procedure methods may be implemented. Implants are a common option, however for this to be successful the surgeon must first expand the tissue. A tissue expander is implanted under healthy skin which is slowly inflated with saline injections (salt water). This helps to expand the size of the breast from the chest wall, changing the tube like base shape to a rounder base for the breast to sit in.

To correct the tubular breast shape some tissue is removed from under the surface of breast create a rounded even shape all around the breast removing the tubular shape.

Breast implants may be inserted to enhance the shape, thickness and texture of the breast. Please refer to breast augmentation

Alternatively, the breast tissue removed from under the skin creating the tubular shape can be moved to the centre of the breast to create volume, rounded fullness instead of inserting an implant.

The size and placement of the areola can also be repaired by the surgeon as part of this procedure. The surgery is conducted through incisions made in the nipple which ensures scarring remains subtle.

The recovery time is dependent on each individual and the procedure method the patient and surgeon has selected to meet the individual’s needs. However a minimum one week recovery time is recommended, longer for strenuous activity such as exercise.

The surgery retains normal breast functioning however, women with tubular breasts often have trouble breast feeding, surgery may not assist with this function so if you intend on pregnancy be aware that breast feeding may be difficult regardless of surgery, please discuss with medical professional.

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