About Trusted Surgeons

About Trusted Surgeons

5 Point Minimum Criteria & Review Board Experts

We are a not-for-profit site therefore any paid profiles only contribute to ongoing promotions and maintenance. We are not a lead generator, we do not sell surgery. We encourage and facilitate patients choosing a qualified surgeon.

If you want more patients, we recommend investing in your clinics patient journey and marketing. Not a directory. This is platform was created after Nicole's personal experience working inside The Cosmetic Institute. Not a standout on anyone's resume, but its this insight that motivates us to facilitate change.

To become a Trusted Surgeon, the Surgeons have already met and actively promote our criteria which coincides with numerous professional bodies;

All surgeons are Board Certified by the Royal College of Surgeons or an accredited professional body in their specified practicing country.

Adhere to the Medical Board of Australia Guidelines for registered medical practitioners who perform cosmetic medical and surgical procedures, click link to read full guidelines: Medical Board Guidelines 2016

Trusted Surgeons Criteria

1. Maintain practices to ensure patients are educated, informed and under no obligation prior to booking surgery.

2. Provide transparency around the post operative care provided and available indefinitely.

3. Commitment to Infection Control, Evidence Based Practice and Ongoing education.

4. Committed to providing professional and ethically responsible service that complies with regulatory and licensing standards.

5. Assess and improve systems, processes and people on an ongoing basis to enhance the service provided.

This is our foundation which our surgeons are committed to. Trusted Surgeons members share our #patientsafetyfirst philosophy and values; Ethics, Integrity and Transparency we rely on these inherent ethos to ensure our members are Surgeon's, consumers can Trust.

Trust has been lost by:

- Unqualified Surgeons practicing within Cosmetic Surgery

- Unethical marketing and advertising leading to advantageous & unrealistic claims

- Organisations created with a commercial business model as opposed to a medical model

- Unrecognized Colleges & Courses which only increase confusion around qualificationss

- The various "titles" Cosmetic Surgeon, Cosmetic Expert, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Physician or Practitioner and the list goes on......

Our Review Board of TRUSTED AESTHETIC EXPERTS are SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGEONS (This is the only formally recognised title in Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery).

Dr Scott Ingram - Dr Ross Farhadieh - Dr Jack Zoumaras (Dr JZ)

Review Board Expert Dr Scott Ingram Trusted Surgeon and Review Board Expert Dr Ross Farhadieh


We believe that cosmetic surgery and elective procedures should enhance patients quality of life. However this is not always the case in a profit driven industry. We strive to promote safer and more informed patient decisions. Trusted Surgeons is the leading educational Platform for patients.


We are committed to providing a professional and ethically responsible service that complies with regulatory advertising standards and guidelines. We are advocates for patients, promoting informed decisions. Trusted Surgeons are the leading body helping patients without options, who require secondary surgery. We assess and improve our systems, processes and people on an ongoing basis to enhance awareness and education.


QUALITY Consistent relevant content and strategy

TRANSPARENCY qualifications, clear communication, full disclosure, non-bias

EXPERIENCE Surgeons and review committee


Bold and Forthright

We are confident and proud of the high standard Trusted Surgeons provide to the community at large. We are not driven by promoting better patients outcomes for everyone. We know who we are, we have learnt from mistakes, we believe in open disclosure and do things with integrity. All our communications, both verbal and written are confident, transparent and forthright.

Positive and Open-minded

We genuinely enjoy giving people a confidence boost and seeing them happy and comfortable in their own skin. This does not always require surgery. We believe safety always comes first and do not entice or promote having surgery. We understand everyone is different and so are their surgical and aesthetic needs and desires. We respect individuality and do not judge. When engaging with patients, our community, our internal and external providers our language is positive, respectful and encouraging.

Empathetic and Understanding

We appreciate that embarking on a surgical/cosmetic journey can be a daunting one and can take a lot of courage to undergo an elective procedure. We are calm, reassuring and informative in all our communications ensuring patients are equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decisions. We help those who are left unhappy and with undesirable results.

Passion for excellence

We have a passion for providing exceptional standards within the industry. Thoroughness and consistency is key. We are not ‘sales’ focussed. We promote quality of life within our scope, ensuring that patient health and safety is always our surgeons primary focus. Our platform educates consumers. Our surgeons ensure aesthetic desires and expectations are measured and achievable.


We are patient focused.

Trusted Surgeons strive for; excellence, exceptional customer service and giving back.

- Our Gold & Platinum Surgeons pay a subscription fee to allow us educate and promote

- We promote our subscribed members ethics across various platforms

- This allows us to give back and spend time with people who need revision surgery

- We shine a spotlight on the industry's darkside and the risks associated with surgery


Founder Nicole Grace Montgomery RN

CEO Alfie Lombardi

This is a share Passion Project we are NOT paid, any & all proceeds are spent on maintaining our social presence and website.

founder of trusted surgeons NFP

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Trusted Surgeons founder, Nicole Montgomery, has been a cosmetic and plastic surgery registered nurse for over 6 years. Nicole has 20 years experience in customer service, administration and marketing roles. Nicole's diverse background and creative flare has lead her to be a leader in medical marketing.

After working in both the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries, Nicole saw a desperate need for an industry unbiased information source. What frustrated Nicole more and more was the unethical marketing tactics utilised to drive leads and encourage patients to have surgery. This frustration led Nicole to utilising her expertise to promote informed decisions with a motivation to decrease the high volume of unsafe practices. In March 2016, with a strong passion for patient safety and care, she left her position in the cosmetic surgery field and took on the challenge of Trusted Surgeons.

Staying true to her passion for patient safety, Nicole started researching the Australian market and after talking to industry associations and professionals about her idea, Trusted Surgeons was born.The base model was set, with the predominant focus being that only qualified Plastic Surgeons within Australia with ASPS and ASAPS memberships would be listed.

As soon as Trusted Surgeons hit the market, the interest from investors was overwhelming. The decision was made to not accept any investment from anyone in the cosmetic or plastic surgery industry, allowing for an impartial, non-biased platform for information. Private business investors with a strong business background, who also shared Nicole's belief for safety and patient care, came on board in July 2016 and Trusted Surgeons was officially on its way. After only 6 months Nicole decided to maintain her ethos she would undertake the journey without investment. Devoted and dedicated to her mission Nicole raised the capital required to pursue her dream.

Since its inception early 2016 Trusted Surgeons has grown into a much bigger project, however the fundamentals and the importance of only listing qualified trusted members and following accredited guidelines has not, and will never change.

Understanding the importance of industry support, Trusted Surgeons is working closely with ASPS, ASAPS, AHPRA, FRACS and other bodies to ensure the highest level of medical standards are provided to the public.

As part of this industry support, Nicole and Trusted Surgeons was invited to the ASAPS 39th annual conference as media guests. Here Nicole could interview some of the most prominent industry professionals and get more feedback on what the industry wants and needs from Trusted Surgeons.

Nicole's industry experience and recognized blogging and journalism skills also landed her and Trusted Surgeons a nomination in the My Face, My Body Awards to be drawn November 26th.

Trusted Surgeons was launched in November 2016 with a phenomenal marketing campaign, along with a quickly growing loyal following on social media, Trusted Surgeons will certainly be the largest and most reputable source for plastic surgery information and advice. With many more exciting plans ahead Trusted Surgeons will empower and educate thousands of patients.

Qualified Surgeons can list for FREE. With zero obligation.

2017 We took on our greatest challenge, The Eureka Climb. I climbed the Eureka Tower in an effort to raise money and awareness for interplast. Second to this we made the bold move of turning Trusted Surgeons into a Not-For-Profit business. This was also my dream. I could not afford to do this and as soon as we have traction and support from the industry, we put the wheels in motion. By the end of 2017 our live videos on facebook alone reached 85.2k views. Our Yooutube, Instagram and Twitter continued to grow pushing our video views to well over 90k. We had over a dozen mainstream articles published which caused significant spikes in traffic.

Alfie Lombardi – Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Alfie Lombardi Trusted Surgeons

Alfie reached a point in his career where he decide he was tired. Tired of the daily grind in management and the balance between profit and patient care. Alfie wanted to be part of something purposeful. Something bigger than himself, a profit statement or a cookie cutter empire. Alfie saw the potential of what Trusted Surgeons could do for the industry and consumers. Alfie volunteered his time and expertise to ensure the longevity of Trusted Surgeons and Monte Media. Alfie and Nicole meet at The Cosmetic Institute.

Accomplished, Experienced Healthcare Manager

Alfie has been a nurse within the industry for 21 years, He began his career in theatres at RNSH as a scrub nurse and completed a Graduate Diploma for theatres through UTS. Most of his career has been in or around Operating suites and in many different capacities and as a result Alfie has worked with many of the now leading specialist plastic surgeons. Throughout his career he has worked in sales, Operational management, been a DON, has planned and built Theatres and Hospitals plus run them and generally all aspects of running a business. All the positions he has had including within the aesthetic industry has contributed to his insight and knowledge.

The mission moves onward and upward....

Without being financially dependent on a surgeon or advertiser, Trusted Surgeons remains impartial and about truth. Consumers & surgeons are often mislead and taken for a ride too often because of marketing tactics and profit. After many months it became obvious the problem was a lot more than an absence of a reliable, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing platform. Nicole realised her insight and experience in digital marketing was proving to be of huge benefit to the surgeons she worked with. After analysing the industry and months researching. Nicole tried desperately and tirelessly to find a medical marketing company which provided the ROI and reflected practice goals. This is when Nicole undertook external mentoring and training to give her the skill to take on digital media (Monte Media). Nicole frequently quotes, Laurel Papworth and Grace Lever. With the insight, knowledge of the patient mindset, Nicole has achieved and exceeded social media goals for both Monte Media and the Trusted Surgeon social accounts she manages. It has been a long road and the future will see Trusted Surgeons as the global authority for Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

Nicole is the creative director, facilitator of evidence based education and owner of;

Trusted Surgeons

Over 100, 000 visitors since 2016

Breast Implant Advice - redirected to Trusted Surgeons in 2018

Over 231,859 visitors since 2011

Explant Info

Over 381,817 visitors since 2010

Closed Groups totally over 10, 700 community members







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Nicole Montgomery AusMumpreneur Winner

MY FACE MY BODY FINALIST TWO YEARS RUNNING & Presenter of Best Plastic Surgeon Award 2017

My Face My Body Nicole Montgomery