5 Point Minimum Criteria & Review Board Experts

5 Point Minimum Criteria & Review Board Experts

To become a Trusted Surgeon, the Surgeons have met and actively promote our criteria;

All surgeons are Board Certified by the Royal College of Surgeons or an accredited professional body in their specified practising country.

Adhere to the Medical Board of Australia Guidelines for registered medical practitioners who perform cosmetic medical and surgical procedures, click link to read full guidelines: Medical Board Guidelines 2016

Trusted Surgeons Criteria

1. Maintain practices to ensure patients are educated, informed and under no obligation prior to booking surgery.

2. Provide transparency around the post operative care provided and available indefinitely.

3. Commitment to Infection Control, Evidence Based Practice and Ongoing education.

4. Committed to providing professional and ethically responsible service that complies with regulatory and licensing standards.

5. Assess and improve systems, processes and people on an ongoing basis to enhance the service provided.

This is our foundation which our surgeons are committed to. Trusted Surgeons members share our values; Ethics, Integrity and Transparency we rely on these inherent ethos to ensure our members are Surgeon's, consumers can Trust.


Dr Scott Ingram - Dr Ross Farhadieh - Dr Jack Zoumaras (Dr JZ)

Review Board Expert Dr Scott Ingram Trusted Surgeon and Review Board Expert Dr Ross Farhadieh