Why Trusted Surgeons

Why Trusted Surgeons

Promoting your Presence Online

The Trusted Surgeons platforms allow users and surgeons to interact and engage with each other via a safe, trusted online space.

We saw the frustration of patients who had no voice and we wanted to help & support people without traditional commercialised marketing. Sadly by doing nothing to promote your clinic you are 100% dependent on referrals. This leaves patients in the dark and reliant on digital marketing. Trusted Surgeons wanted to help promote surgeons in an ethical, meaningful way. And we succeeded, we receive calls and messages everyday.

6 Reasons why listing with Trusted Surgeons will boost your business:

  • 92% of Patients look for products and services online (Sensis eBusiness Report 2014), Only 26% of Doctors have a social media presence, we receive upward of 10 000 impressions per week on Facebook alone.

  • Trusted Surgeons have ongoing experts devoted to promoting your online presence, high ranking SEO support and endorsed evidence based animations.

  • Trusted Surgeons are the only site dedicated to Education, Qualifications and Promoting the Medical Board Guidelines

  • Trusted Surgeons provide a premium service with only APHRA registered nurses ensuring clear boundaries of advice and support are maintained. We pride ourselves in being the experts of empathy and enthusiasm.

  • Trusted Surgeons campaign for Transparency, Integrity and Ethical practice

  • Trusted Surgeons discreetly organise all your clients Travel and Finance requirements.

Trusted surgeons promote informed decisions; however, this is challenging in today’s world of information overload. Although cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are more accessible than ever the market is more confusing than ever. Which is why we have;

  1. Created the only database of elite Trusted formally qualified and accredited surgeons.
  2. Promote evidenced based content
  3. Ethically promote

Please submit your Blog below and/or contact us if you would like to organise an in-person interview with our professional videographer.

Contact Alfie to discuss your need and how to;

  • Customised your Profile to stand out

  • Editorial and/or video increase your SEO and content

  • Social Media Boost, reach your target market

  • Add your blogs and clinical images, helping to educate and promote your expertise

  • Advertorials and Banner or Mrec ads

  • Patient Coaching and emotional support, refer your pre or post operative patients

We tailor what you need and how together we can promote quality and safety within the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry. Be assured our site only lists members of at least one of the below organisations;

Australian Society of Plastic surgeons

Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgeons

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

New Zealand Society of Plastic Surgeons

British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Trusted Surgeons is the only platform which has a sole focus of helping patients access non-bias trustworthy content prior to surgery and post operatively supporting patients to access revision surgery.

We believe in preventing misleading information and marketing. By minimising misleading information and promoting qualifications and realistic expectations the industry as a whole becomes safer and more trustworthy. Choosing a surgeon who has endured the rigorous training to become a recognised member of accredited organisations, is a surgeon you can trust. Choosing a fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons is imperative. In the event of unfortunate complications you have the reassurance you have chosen a surgeon with the skills, resources and support to appropriately manage your complications.

Trusted Surgeons provide clear and concise advice, direction, and options for patients. Our site only lists trustworthy surgeons who meet our criteria. Our content is endorsed and derived from the peak bodies around the world. We ensure any factual content is reviewed by our reviewed board. Content is not endorsed or promoted without meeting our criteria. Articles of opinion are written in the first person. Articles of fact are reviewed and approved by Specialist Plastic Surgeons.

It is imperative the patient and surgeon share the same vision, see the same assets and flaws and you feel safe, confident and well informed. Surgeons, practitioners, clinicians and franchise practices will vary in the information they provide, products they promote and most importantly education they facilitate for their staff and clients.

Although cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are more accessible than ever the market is more confusing than ever. We help make sense of all the different qualifications, clinic’s and promises to find what you need.

Please utilise our website, resources and profiles to assist in in your decision. We would love to hear from you!

To become a Trusted Surgeon, the Surgeons have met and actively promote our criteria;

All surgeons are Board Certified by the Royal College of Surgeons or an accredited professional body in their specified practising country.

Adhere to the Medical Board of Australia Guidelines for registered medical practitioners who perform cosmetic medical and surgical procedures, click link to read full guidelines: Medical Board Guidelines 2016

Trusted Surgeons Criteria

1. Maintain practices to ensure patients are educated, informed and under no obligation prior to booking surgery.

2. Provide transparency around the post operative care provided and available indefinetly.

3. Commitment to Infection Control, Evidence Based Practice and Ongoing education.

4. Committed to providing professional and ethically responsible service that complies with regulatory and licensing standards.

5. Assess and improve systems, processes and people on an ongoing basis to enhance the service provided.

This is our foundation which our surgeons are committed to. Trusted Surgeons members share our values; Ethics, Integrity and Transparency we rely on these inherent ethos to ensure our members are Surgeon's, consumers can Trust.


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